How D2C Brands Can Use Customer Data And Automation To Boost Sales This Festive Season

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The Indian festive season begins from the onset of the first day of Navratri and goes on till the New Year. It is marked by celebrations, ceremonies, get-togethers, and, of course, shopping! D2C brands eagerly wait for the Diwali celebrations to kick in as it is that time of the year when customers are in full swing to loosen their purse strings and go on a shopping spree. 

This three-month period gives a massive push to D2C sales. However, the heavy competition can not be overlooked. There is a big flurry in the e-commerce space as many D2C brands begin their Diwali sales to offer a wide range of products and services at attractive prices, with heavy Diwali discounts. 

In order to stay on top of the competition and reap a rich harvest from Diwali offers, D2C brands will have to adopt new strategies to make the most out of Diwali sales. Data can be pivotal in boosting D2C sales on Diwali in 2022. D2C brands can send hyper-targeted, and personalized Diwali offers by analyzing customer data. In addition to leveraging data, marketing automation can simplify launching Diwali sales campaigns in bulk and assist D2C brands in conversions and retention. 

Let’s have a look at how customer data and automation can be a game changer for D2C brands this festive season.


6 Strategies to boost D2C sales this festive season: Putting data and automation to use


1. Analyzing past purchase behaviour to curate personalized Diwali offers 

We can not deny that customer data is the key to understanding customers’ needs and preferences. Customer data analysis is collecting and analyzing customer data to gain insights into customer behaviour. This Diwali, D2C brands can leverage customer data analytics to make data-driven decisions that involve optimizing customer journeys and building personalized Diwali offers to match that.

A recent McKinsey survey found that companies that use customer analytics achieve 115% higher ROI and 93% higher profits. This implies that customer analytics is more than intelligent marketing decisions; it positively impacts the sales bottom line. Customer-centric D2C brands understand the importance of customer data in providing value to each customer that garners high conversions and retention. 


2. 360-degree customer profiles to automate hyper-targeted Diwali discount offers

Customers leave a massive trail of data everywhere they go, online or offline. And if you are not using it to scale your brand, then this is where you are missing out. As a D2C brand, you should bring all the data to one place and break data silos. Isolated data impedes your efforts to scale personalization and achieve conversions. 

A 360-degree view of a customer comprises all the basic contact information on customers, their demographics, past and present purchasing data and all interactions with your brands. A comprehensive view of your customers not only helps you see what your customers have done but also helps you figure out where they might be going next. Excelling at predictive insights will help D2C brands to execute target marketing and maximize Diwali sales in 2022.


3. Send dynamic Diwali discount offers with Customer Segmentation 

A generic Diwali campaign might not bring you as much revenue as a personalized Diwali campaign would bring. And the reason behind it is a no-brainer. Every customer is different and has a different preference. This calls for segmenting customers into separate cohorts to launch hyper-targeted, personalized dynamic campaigns catering to each segment and garner high conversion rates. 

The importance of sending dynamic Diwali offers per your customers’ requirements is undebatable. A customer looking for discounts on ethnic outfits to wear this Diwali would not click on a campaign offering Diwali deals on western outfits. Customer segmentation will help you achieve target marketing and skyrocket Diwali sales. 


4. Omnichannel Engagement for high-converting Diwali offers

Reaching out to your customers on their favourite communication channels is crucial to get their attention and boosting sales. Brands can recharge their brand’s Diwali activities by building robust omnichannel engagement to nurture customers with every interaction. 

Omnichannel engagement helps you streamline all the interactions across multiple channels. D2C brands can leverage the power of Email, SMS, WhatsApp, Onsite and Push to launch Diwali campaigns and reach their customers with personalized Diwali offers. When customers get what they want on the platform of their choice, they quickly hop on the offers. Omnichannel engagement helps D2C brands deliver a consistent customer experience, and Diwali is the best time to implement omnichannel engagement. 


5. Deploy pre-built Diwali offer templates and save time

Creating templates from scratch can be a time-consuming process. And the rising competition does not allow you to waste a second. You can not afford to give your competitors a loose end. You must be proactive to grab customers’ attention and maximize sales this festive season. 

The only solution to the problem is using pre-built templates. Using pre-built Diwali offer email templates, Diwali SMS templates, Diwali invite templates, and many more can help D2C brands eliminate the hassle of creating automation from scratch. The availability of pre-built Diwali email templates helps D2C brands focus on other things that require attention to scale their brand. 


6. Automate post-sales engagement for repeat purchases

The end of the festive season does not mean you should stop engaging with customers. Nurture customers with personalized 1:1 conversations even after the festive season ends. Engaging customers from pre-sales to post-sales helps boost customer loyalty and maximize sales. 

When a customer trusts your brand, he wants to shop with you again and again. A fantastic customer experience helps to build a pool of loyal customers who will keep coming back to you. Therefore, building a post-sales engagement after Diwali is necessary to increase customer retention.


Concluding Remark

The arrival of Navrati heralds the start of India’s e-commerce holiday season. People throughout the country go shopping, making this the most anticipated time of year for D2C brands. It provides an opportunity for D2C brands to expand sales, generate more income, and propel the company forward.

You can send personalized Diwali offers to customers using pre-built Diwali templates. Moreover, automating your Diwali campaigns can help you reach out to your customers in an instant. 

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