Wigzo Launches ZoPush: Growth Hacking Web Push Notifications

wigzo launches zopush web push notifications

After working day in and out on finding hacks to boost customer engagement, Wigzo has finally launched its web push notifications as a separate product – only much smarter than before! We are absolutely delighted to open ZoPush for Beta sign-ups, for both existing and new users.

Not just another push notification service in the stack

Do your users find your push notifications so distracting that they end up opting out? Then you haven’t been leveraging this communication channel right.

Choosing a push notification service provider that does not understand how to make push notifications actually work,  can ruin your engagement and make even your loyal users ditch you for a competitor instead.

Unlike most of the popular push notification providers, ZoPush notifications focus on 1:1 personalization – making your communication highly relevant and contextual at all times.

Moreover,  a one click opt-in ability ensures a far more subscriber count than emails. Well also because ZoPush doesn’t ask for your visitor’s email address, letting him keep his contact information private.

Taking into consideration all the reasons why users might turn off push notifications, we created ZoPush. The idea is to make  ZoPush the smartest channel for eCommerce businesses to increase engagement and conversions.

Why we launched ZoPush as a separate product

Web push notifications as a marketing and customer engagement channel, has proven to be extremely successful in winning engagement and sales. As a key product feature inside the Wigzo dashboard, web push notifications delivered exceptional results for customers, achieving:

  • 26% increase in CTR
  • 29% increase in customer engagement
  • 14% increase in Conversions
  • 7x increase in average ROI

Because of the tremendous success that web push notifications have received, its popularity amongst Wigzo’s customer base has rapidly increased.

Our web push notification users recommended a few feature additions to the channel. They asked us to make web push notifications highly customizable and ensure their messages would never run out of context. So that’s exactly what we did!

Since this was not possible from within the Wigzo dashboard, we decided to launch web push notifications as a separate service – ZoPush.

wigzo launches zopush web push notifications

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The new web push notifications come packed with powerful features:

  • One Click Opt-in: Enable one-click optins that don’t require visitors to share their email address.  Get 10X higher optin rates than emails on ZoPush notifications.
  • Push Automation: Don’t lose out on conversions because of manual delays! Optimize for best time of delivering notifications, and personalize based on segments for higher engagement.
  • Live Tracking: Get an in-depth analysis of how your notification campaigns are performing. Check real-time performance on metrics like delivery rate, click-through, open rates and more.
  • Smart Push Templates:  With a preset push template, you can add images to your notification, add call-to-action, set UTM parameters, and do a lot more!
  • Smart Campaigns: Monitor your website visitors closely to understand what users looking for and suggest push campaigns that will get you better results.
  • Triggers and Actions: Closely gauge visitor’s interest, intent, and motivations. Set trigger notifications and define actions based on user activity on your website.

To read about these features in detail visit: ZoPush features 

Want to try ZoPush web push notifications?

We are still working on adding more features for enabling personalization like never before, but ZoPush is all yours to use. We’re happy to announce that ZoPush is now open for Beta Sign ups and all you need to do, is get a special invite from us by visiting www.zopush.com.

Boost your customer engagement and conversions with the all new way to send web push notifications! Join us on this rocket ship to redefining what personalization of customer communication really means.


Umair Mohd.

Umair Mohd.

Crazy, Funny, Algorithm driven, Product ninja at @Wigzotech

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