10 Powerful Growth Hacking Ideas for Your E-commerce Store

Powerful Growth Hacking Ideas for Your Ecommerce Store

Online businesses have been able to produce cash rapidly when the phrase “e-commerce Growth Hacks” wasn’t coined. However, because the term has grown in popularity in recent years, competition has increased and it is more difficult to succeed.

If you think that simply posting, selling, and delivering without employing any e-commerce growth hacks will enable you to compete with the e-commerce competition, reconsider!

Here’s a list of ten e-commerce growth hacks. These growth strategies will improve your e-commerce company’s long-term success. Let’s take a look at what these e-commerce growth hacks are:

1. The Success of Your Website Depends on How Quickly It Loads

According to research, the website speed of your website may have a significant influence on where you appear on Google’s ranking page. As a result, improving the speed of your website can aid in the improvement of your rankings.

This is yet another of the remarkable and apparent e-commerce growth hacks since no one wants to wait more than three seconds for even a simple web page to load.

Websites that load more quickly tend to get more interaction from their visitors. A sluggish website may cause your consumers to migrate to your rivals and increase your bounce rate.

2. The FOMO Factor – Create Urgency as a Growth Hack


The acronym FOMO stands for Fear of Missing Out, and it’s a great growth hack for converting your consumers into prospect sales. Someone has suggested that people can’t appreciate the value of something until it’s gone, and this idea makes the FOMO one of the most powerful e-commerce growth hacks.

When you tell your customers that they don’t have infinite time to think about your offer, they’re more inclined to purchase it rather than give up the deal. You can generate FOMO by using urgency in all of your campaigns to create a deadline-induced frenzy. You may send emails with phrases such as ‘hurry’ or ‘limited period offer,’ for example.

Give attractive discounts to entice clients into clicking, researching, and buying your product.

3. The Title Creates the First Impression

The title is the first thing that visitors read when they come across your blog, your email, or your video. Before anybody sees your content, they look at the title.

The headline is that one-liner that instantly informs the consumer of what sort of material they will view or what they can least anticipate. As a result, your title must be appealing and have enough power to persuade customers to click it.

Here are some tips to create an impactful title:

  • Make use of Keywords
  • Hype up by using words like awesome, unbelievable, first of a kind, etc.
  • Keep up with the popular trends and make full use of them.
  • Listicle Format attracts more attention
  • Make it unique by adding a Personal Touch
  • Give them food for thought which may start a debate

4. Give Your Customers a Personalized Service


Only a few businesses are attempting to give tailored service to their clients, and utilizing this e-commerce growth hack. It might be in the form of discounts, newsletters, packing, retargeting, and so on.

Consumers can tell if your mail was auto-generated and sent to all of your customers or just meant for them. You may believe adding the name of the buyer will suffice, but that would be where your rivals would stay. You must remain on top in order to succeed.

If you want to be successful with email marketing, keep the language more human (friendly) and less robotic (too businesslike). Use their name when addressing them. Also include the details from their prior purchase, talk about what they are looking for now, or offer a link to a product that complements their recent purchase.

If you’re going to retarget your abandoned cart customers, make sure they receive a link back to their carts, provide them with a discount that only they can get on that item and is good for just them. This e-commerce growth hack works wonders when consumers realize that the discounts are available solely to them. It projects the sense of being valued.

Customization is a fantastic e-commerce growth hack since it ensures your whole development and dedicated consumers.

5. Cross-Sell to Your Customers


Cross-selling is selling a product that complements the customer’s most recent purchase or their next purchase. Cross-selling sunglasses, a pair of shoes, or a sling bag that compliments the summer dress purchased by the client, for example, might suggest to them.

You might cross-sell a product by displaying a pop-up at the time of checkout, or you may send them a message including links to related items after one day or two. Cross-selling is also an effective e-commerce growth hack.

6. Make Good On Your Commitments

Customers choose to purchase from a company they believe will deliver on what it promises. For example, a durability promise made by the brand is something customers trust and expect will be upheld. However, even a single breach of a brand’s promise may destroy your whole reputation.

When you’re in the e-commerce industry, you must make a few promises to your consumers, such as the assurance of high-quality products, a promise to deliver on schedule, promises to provide a smooth online shopping experience with a quick and user-friendly website, a promise of dependable customer service, and the greatest guarantee of total client gratification.

You may utilize this e-commerce growth hack. It’s a must-do and simple to implement. All you have to do is keep all your promises.

7. Use Effective Call to Actions


It’s fantastic to have someone else do what you want. Customers can also benefit from this. The one-of-a-kind e-commerce growth hack urges you to develop strong CTAs that can lead your customers in the direction you choose.

The effectiveness of keywords like “Buy Now” and “Subscribe to Newsletter” has faded over time, since they do not persuade clients and appear overly calculated.

  • I place of “buy now” try using “I’ll have this product”
  • In place of “Subscribe now” use “Keep me updated”

8. Identify and Fix your Customer Pain Points

Customer problems are the issues that consumers encounter while using a product, and which are supposed to be addressed by acquiring it. The ideal e-commerce growth hack is to give them the answer for these pains spots.

For example, if the issue is blending makeup, then the solution would be to buy a beauty blender. This e-commerce growth hack may be beneficial to you if you properly assess what issues your items can solve and how to advertise them in the most effective manner possible.

9. Your Customers Might Enjoy a Little Competition

Competitions are a time-tested and beloved method for promoting. They provide an extra thrill, and the human brain loves it when things are put to the test. You may use this e-commerce growth hack for your marketing as well as your customer’s entertainment, providing them with some sort of advantage or savings.

Some competitions may include completing online activities on social media or sending scratch cards or discount cards to individual clients. Use this e-commerce growth hack to expand your reach.

10. Keep a Close Eye on the Abandoned Carts


Your most valuable and simple to convert consumers are your abandoned cart customers. Why? Because they are already acquainted with your company and have expressed an interest in your goods.

There might have been a problem with payment, a delay in decision-making, a lack of time, a lack of product knowledge, or any number of other things. The only way to know if your consumer is still viable to convert is to contact them.

Send reminder emails, give them a discount on the product they’ve purchased, build urgency in your email in connection to that product, or retarget them via social media. If you have a large enough list of your abandoned cart consumers, this e-commerce growth hack can be quite successful and boost your conversions right away.


The most effective e-commerce growth hack to put in place is consistency. Consistency is the essential ingredient for success, and if you break the chain, you won’t be able to drive as far.

The e-commerce growth hacks listed above have an immediate impact on your consumer’s behavior and thought processes toward your online business.

Make sure you use these e-commerce growth hacks at the perfect time, place, and quantity. Using any growth hacks too often might be distracting, while not utilizing them at all may result in a lack of success.

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