Live Webinar on Marketing Automation for Ecommerce

Live Webinar on Marketing Automation for Ecommerce

In the hyper-competitive market, do you want to scale your eCommerce business and turn your users into brand advocates?

We live in a world where people want to save their time and money and resources and invest them all in other marketing strategies.

But “how to do” is always a question.

This when Marketing Automation comes into the role.

Marketing automation for eCommerce is a new platform that offers businesses of all sizes to streamline, automate, and gauge marketing tasks and workflows, so they can enhance functional efficiency and generate faster.

Lately, 79% of high-performing companies have been using automation in their eCommerce marketing strategy. (Venture Harbour)

But why is Marketing Automation a new rage in the eCommerce market?

Marketing Automation makes it easy to optimize and personalize emails, segment audiences, and target customers based on their behavior.

Marketing Automation platform enables an inbound marketing approach to entice visitors, convert leads, and acquire customers. Furthermore, it helps to track website performance, promote and optimize content, and many more.

With Marketing Automation, you can set up an automatic email response to validate that every new subscriber who signs up gets a welcome mail right away.

If you have an Omnichannel marketing automation platform you can create a complete user profile and can offer them with the same effective customer experience across all the channels such as Email, SMS, Messenger, and more. 

Marketing automation revokes the inessential flap from your eCommerce marketing strategy and leads a user-friendly approach to generate more leads, enhance customer relationships, and boost revenue.

Want to know more? Then Join us

We have come up with another amazing webinar, for all the eCommerce marketers who are on the lookout for the most efficient technique to convert visitors into buyers and increase their ROI.

Below are the details of the webinar:

  • Date: 22nd June 2020
  • Time: 10:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)
  • Webinar Topic: Marketing Automation for eCommerce

The webinar will be hosted by Umair Mohammad, Founder, and CEO of Wigzo Technologies.

Key takeaways of the webinar:

  • How to scale your store with marketing automation
  • Choosing the right channels
  • How to use Data Analysis in Marketing Automation
  • How to achieve personalization with Marketing Automation
  • 10 step Marketing Automation checklist for your Ecommerce Store
  • Free Marketing Automation guide

If you want to achieve your business objectives with marketing automation, then this webinar will be a great opportunity for you.

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Rashi Kundra

Rashi Kundra

Rashi is a literature graduate from Delhi University. She is a content writer at Wigzo. In her spare time, you will find her meditating while grooving on EDM beats.

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