Secret Tips for Using Facebook Ads for eCommerce

Facebook is known to be an excellent platform for ads since it is the largest social media network. If only you target the advertisements properly on Facebook it can yield great results for your eCommerce store. There are chances that you are missing out on good opportunities to cash in if you are not running Facebook ads for your store. Facebook is a way to display your products in front of a larger audience. Most importantly, they get your products in front of the right audience!

With more than a billion users, using the gigantic social media platform for eCommerce ads is literally a god bet for businesses. The undeniable fact is that almost everyone is using it to their advantage today. For eCommerce owners, Facebook gives you an easy way to target a very specific customer base and drive them back to your website.

 Below-mentioned is some tips and tricks for using Facebook ads. Whatever you do, it is never enough when it comes to promoting your brand and squeezing more sales.

Tips and Tricks for Facebook ads

1. Product ads


Dynamic product ads might be the most scoring strategy when it comes to eCommerce ROI. It is their chance to bring back hesitant and lost customers by showing them tailored ads based on their activity and browsing history or purchasing behavior from the past on your site. There are several cases where we can see that the multi-product ads really respond well. As compared to other types of ads, multi-product carousels are said to perform better also because when the customer looks at something relevant to their interest, there are more chances of them buying that particular product.

First of all, it is intriguing and interactive which is why customers want to scroll through and see more products. Multi-Product Ads give your customers more options to choose from. Apart from that, it can also be used for the purpose of showcasing the various feature of a particular product.

2. Use Conversion Tracking Pixel

A conversion-tracking pixel is a small snippet of code that tracks your customers’ behavior on the site. But it does so much more than that like tracking the number of conversions that took place. In addition to this, the tracking pixel also helps in targeting the right audience as well as improve your Facebook ad campaigns.

But to achieve the best results, I recommend installing the pixel long before you run your first campaign. This way you’ll give Facebook time to learn the types of people who are converting into customers and create a lookalike audience on the basis of your existing custom audience on your site even when they come from other marketing channels. If Facebook hasn’t tracked any conversion on your site yet, they’re going to have trouble optimizing your campaign for conversions.

3. Retargeting Campaigns


If you are in the eCommerce business for some time now, you’d know that 72% of shoppers end up abandoning their carts. Ouch! But, interestingly this isn’t the end since the users who tend to leave their purchase in the middle are introduced with your products already so a lot of them will also come around again to complete that particular purchase or maybe something similar.

So what do you do to get them back? It’s no rocket science, you need to re-run the campaign in order to re-target the same users. you can run the retargeting campaigns with the help of discounts, coupons, and other enticing offers.

Pro Tip: In order to improve your retargeting strategy you can use a tool like Rebrandly URL Shortener. With Rebrandly is possible to retarget people that click on the links you share on social, even if the links don’t point to your website. This feature allows you to grow your ads’ audience using also news and content of different websites.

4. Image Optimization

Facebook prioritizes images and videos above any other form of content, so you’ve got to get your visual game strong in your Facebook ads. You’ve to force people to stop scrolling and take a look at your products. The Facebook algorithm prioritizes video content so by inserting video adverts you can draw the users to your feed. A few ways to optimize your visuals to the highest are – Use a white background, Use the rule of thirds, Market your product by putting it in the right hand. 

5. Boost Existing Products

There are times when we’re circumspect of launching an advert because we are so uncertain of the result. click through rates, budget and so many other factors keep us worried and tiptoeing? So boosting an existing post is the safer bet. You can pick a post that has already generated tons of shares, click-throughs, and interactions. You know it works. All you need to do now is, boost it in order to reach thousands of new people. You can do this by another method as well, by strengthening your relationship with the existing customers using tools like Custom Audiences, reward your store’s top fans, etc.

6. Brand Awareness

Using Facebook adverts, you can improve your brand identity by connecting with the customers who have already visited your website. Since they are already aware of the brand it will simply strengthen your brand identity further. You can use a sequence of Facebook ads or videos to communicate your story to your customers to communicate your brand story. 

As this study by Facebook and Adaptly showed, creating a sequence of ads conveying your key brand message instead of selling improves overall conversion rates. In one study example, the difference in conversions between standard and sequence of ads was a staggering 87%.

7. Create A CTA(Call To Action)


This is one of Facebook’s best new features. Instead of a simple box format, Facebook now lets you create a custom call-to-action button. Although it is yet to gain popularity and brands are underusing it. Yet, it will drastically increase your click-through-rate. When setting up your advert, head to the ‘text and links’ section. It will allow you to choose from a few drop-down options, like ‘shop now’, ‘learn more’, ‘sign up’ etc. You can also enter your own personal call-to-action. This will actively drive your customers to click, and boost your potential sales.

Over To You

How has your experience with Facebook Ads been? Do you have any more strategies to add on to the above-given strategies? 

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