3 Email Drip Campaign Examples and Best Practices for E-commerce

Email Drip Campaign

You have big plans for your e-commerce business. You want to make money, grow your customer base, and ultimately become a brand that people know by name. But how do you get there? What are the steps? 

Well, as it turns out, there’s an easy way to stay on top of things: emails!

E-commerce is a tricky business. It would help if you reckoned everything from shipping rates and taxes to how much space your product takes up in the mailer.

But what about marketing? How do you get customers to buy when they don’t know who you are? Email drip campaigns can be one of the best tools for e-commerce businesses looking for an edge over their competition. It’s as easy as figuring out what type of customer you want, putting together a series of emails that speak directly to them, and then sending it on at regular intervals. 

Let’s look at 3 email drip campaign examples and see how you can implement some best practices for your own e-commerce business growth.

1. Weather-based Recommendation Drip Emails by Patagonia

The weather can be a powerful conversation starter for your marketing communication that can transform your sales.


You know how, back in the day, if you looked out at it raining cats and dogs outside, then automatically got sad? Well, think about what could happen with this kind of power! 

Imagine sending emails to people based on their location, such as “The sun shines brightly today” or “It’s going to be chilly tomorrow.” Not only will they get an email tailored for them, but these are also great ways to encourage online shopping during the winter season when most people want something warm from home. Weather-based marketing doesn’t have to leave much room for error because there isn’t any guessing involved – send one message per customer depending on where he/she is located. 

This is what Patagonia leveraged. 

The brand offered exactly what the customers needed when it dropped to 5 degrees C outside their homes – recycled mittens and warm hats. It’s simple and genius!

Best Practices for Recommendation-Based Drip Email Campaigns

  • Context: Recommendation-based email marketing automation is all about the context. You must find a common thread that can build a narrative towards your brand or product.
  • Use Smart Customer Segments: Customer Segmentation is one of the most powerful elements of e-commerce growth. A group united by a common attribute can be well-targeted for specific drip campaigns – E.g. People living in colder climates or moms over 35 years of age. 
  • Lucid Communication: When releasing a series of emails, make sure that your communication is crisp and straightforward. Throw in some humor or whimsy if you may 🙂

2. Win-Back Drip Email Campaigns by Netflix


At some point in their lifecycle, your customers might be super loyal to you. However, they might stop engaging with your brand altogether one day. 

The reasons behind your customers disengaging from you are simple: they found a better product, forgot about you, or don’t need what it is that your company offers anymore. This can be tough for e-tail businesses selling similar products. This is where the win-back drip email campaigns come into play!

Netflix demonstrates a stellar example of powerful win-back drip email campaigns. To combat unsubscribing customers, Netflix deployed its campaign to increase engagement and reduce its overall churn. 

The show-stopping element of their email – a sincere and simple copy with a standout CTA!

Best Practices for Win-Back Drip Email Campaigns

  • Straightforward Communication: You are trying to win back your inactive customers so that over-creativity might stall the plans. Stay on the point with simple communication. 
  • Include Incentive: Include a reward or a valuable incentive for your customers to hop back aboard with your brand again. You’ll be surprised by the number of sign-ups. 

You can also read our detailed blog on creating successful win-back email campaigns for e-commerce. 

3. Limited Offer Promotion Drip Campaign by Leesa Mattresses

Targeted emails with irresistible offers catch everyone’s eyes. Unsurprisingly, they are the ones that see a major opening rate and drive high click-throughs. 


Yes, the basics are still made up of a great copy, a valuable incentive, and an attractive discount to yield the right results. Coupled with a series of drip emails, limited offer promos can result in a spectacular ROI for e-commerce brands. 

Take, for example, what Leesa did. 

Leesa, an e-store for high-quality mattresses, delivered two exceptional email blasts to maximize its click-through and conversion rates in a breeze.

The first one in the email sequence informs its subscribers that the sale will end soon.

The second email is meant for the customers who did not take any action on the first email. To their surprise, the second drip email talks about the extended sale. 

No wonder this neatly crafted limited-time promo drip email campaign yielded super sales for the brand.  

Best Practices for a Promo Drip Email Campaign

  • Urgency: To encourage your customers to take timely action, it is critical to tell them about the offer’s urgency. Time-limited offers work evergreen. 
  • Clarity: Use brief messaging to clarify the offer and don’t confuse the audience. A short copy with bright visuals is the way to go. 

Your turn…

Power up your drip email game with the above-mentioned examples. Of course, you can always throw in more creativity and whimsy to yield better ROI.

In fact, e-commerce email marketing automation can help you bring your A-Game on. Take Wigzo for a FREE demo and see how!

Happy selling 🙂 

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