5 Best E-commerce Newsletter Examples 2022

Best Ecommerce Newsletter Example

Email newsletters are vital to the overall marketing strategy of any e-commerce business. They successfully communicate, generate sales, promote consumer engagement, enhance corporate branding, and foster customer connections, to mention a few advantages.

You cannot afford to overlook email marketing in 2022, as email subscribers are up to 19 times more likely to convert into paying customers than visits from organic search.

And that makes reason, right? In any case, they are returning, interested, prospective purchasers, not random visitors.

To harness this potential, though, you must write a weekly email that is worth reading. You can only produce a newsletter that draws an audience and generates sales with the appropriate email content, design, and delivery.

However, getting inspiration while creating your e-commerce emails might be challenging. It isn’t easy to convey your message in a new, innovative, and brand-consistent manner.

You’ve come to the perfect spot if you’re looking for e-commerce newsletter ideas.

Let’s begin with some tips for increasing your open rate. And anyway, if subscribers do not even read your email, there is little possibility that they will go over to your website and make a purchase.

Personalize It – It matters who sends out your e-commerce email newsletter, a truth that many do not recognize. According to Litmus, the sender name is the most crucial element in determining whether an email is opened by 42% of recipients. It is thus essential to identify the firm sending the email. And to add a touch of personalization, let the receiver know who sent the message.

Captivate Them With Your Subject Line – According to the same Litmus study, the email subject line is the essential factor for 34% of recipients when selecting whether to read your e-commerce newsletter. Therefore, make every effort to make this attractive. One effective strategy is to use action phrases in the subject line to encourage recipients to take action. When you urge someone to “open”, “get”, “grab”, etc., you are asking just that. It serves as a little call to action (CTA) in the email subject line. For optimal results, begin your email subject line with that phrase. Psychology may also be used in email subject lines. For example, use terms such as “time is running out” or “last chance to get this offer” to create a sense of urgency and exclusivity.

Preview Email Content Through Preview Text – Customizing the preview text is the third thing you should do to increase open rates for your e-commerce email. By providing context for the email subject line and a glimpse of the content, the preview text allows you a second opportunity to attract your readers’ attention. It is comparable to the secondary title on a landing page. Even better, it’s an opportunity to include a second CTA to motivate subscribers to take action.

Make Emails Accessible and Responsive – eMarketer reports that in 2017, approximately 60% of digital purchases occurred on mobile devices. It is thus essential that your e-commerce emails appear excellent on mobile devices. There is just one problem: there are a variety of mobile screen sizes, so how can you ensure that your email seems fantastic on all devices? The solution is responsive design. In other words, employ email newsletter themes that resize and reflow text and photos automatically so that the message appears fantastic on all devices.

Clear Product PicturesHumans see. Your product photographs must be perfect. The correct picture may make or break a subscriber’s interest. Great product photos can demonstrate the product, show how to utilize your products, and create a mood. Humans react to humans; therefore, show them using your products. Optimize newsletter photos so they load fast on mobile devices. The alt text describes pictures for receivers with impairments or who have images turned off.

Best E-commerce Newsletter Examples

Competition is fierce if you send emails to advertise your e-commerce firm. Each day, your subscribers get many e-commerce emails asking them to make a purchase. It would help if you distinguished yourself from the throng. The five email newsletters below demonstrate how to develop an engaging e-commerce email newsletter.

Hair for the Girls


The most excellent e-commerce emails provide clients with a discount coupon, special promotion, or unique information. Add urgency, and you’re set. Numbers tell everything. Experian found that urgent emails had 14% higher click-to-open rates, 59% higher transaction-to-click rates, and 2x higher general transaction rates than regular email marketing communications. Limited-time offer emails work best with urgent subject lines. This Hair for the Girls email offers a limited-time promotion. Hair for the Girls’ email newsletter conveys urgency while being casual. They’re delivering a limited-time discount without being too sales-focused. Their colour scheme and graphics are relaxing and pleasant.

Stitches n Giggles


This newsletter is from one of Stitches n Giggles’ email marketing campaigns. Stitches n Giggles’ newsletter is great. First, it’s excellent Christmas marketing. Stitches n Giggles doesn’t simply operate a holiday deal; they also provide stocking stuffers. (They’re on sale.) Notable is this newsletter’s subject line. It said, “Notion sale: Stocking Stuffers.” It kills three birds with one stone. The newsletter’s content is appropriately described. Second, “stocking stuffers” grabs readers’ attention. Third, it’s a sale! Examine the newsletter’s CTA buttons. They divide what would otherwise be a lengthy sequence of photographs into parts. Stitches n Giggles follows another CTA button best practice by specifying where subscribers will go.



You can want to include all corporate news in your newsletter. Refrain. Successful email newsletters are short and to the point. The average person spends 11.1 seconds each email, so you don’t have much time to attract their attention. Two reasons to be concise:

  • Recipients hate text walls and extended emails. Most subscribers unsubscribe.
  • Be brief and exciting. Captivate subscribers and encourage them to visit your website for more.

Leave as much white space as feasible when structuring emails to avoid clutter. This is crucial for mobile users. Links require negative space to be clickable. Walt Disney is one of America’s most iconic brands. Disney’s Magic Kingdom alone had 20.4 million visitors in 2016. This Disney Parks newsletter isn’t as colourful as you imagine, but it’s professional. Priority is clear, straightforward communication. The headlines are clickable, making it simple for mobile users to get to the website. The previews for the articles have sufficient detail to convey their subject matter. You must visit the website to obtain the whole report. This is the precise direction Disney wants readers to go.



A well-balanced combination of graphics and text in the email’s style is typically essential for a successful consumer-focused email campaign. In some situations, a straightforward, text-heavy email may be more successful.

For instance, if you are a Business-to-Business (B2B) marketer, employing excessive or inappropriate photos might make you seem unprofessional. This Hubspot test revealed that HTML emails with graphics had a 25% lower open rate than well-designed plain text emails. Even though respondents said in a poll that they prefer getting emails with visuals. The “Security Connections” newsletter from Cisco Systems, a global leader in information technology, is image-free. Although it is not plain text, the email focuses solely on the articles’ content. The layout is professional and straightforward, and the material is instructive, contributing to the company’s professional image. 



Bombas, a manufacturer of socks, has perfected the art of the referral email. The email’s subject line is one of the most basic examples of newsletter headlines: “Refer a friend, receive free socks.” As easy as that. Instead of blurbs or large blocks of text, they employ brief numbered lists to illustrate how everything works. The blue subheadings clearly distinguish and visually separate the bright pink “Refer a friend” button. To prevent diverting attention from the primary CTA, the “Get free socks” button in the banner picture also redirects to the same URL (call-to-action). All while keeping the brand’s extraordinary, amusing flair.


You should now feel ready to begin developing, producing, and sending out fantastic email marketing campaigns that will assist you in accomplishing your particular company objectives.

Sign up for the newsletters of some of your most formidable competitors as well as some of your most admired companies. It is essential to keep up with current events and emerging tendencies. Experiment with new things while keeping a careful eye on the outcomes.

To be a valid winner in email marketing, you will need to develop and adapt just as quickly as consumerism is expanding and changing, which is pretty fast. Only then will you be able to compete successfully. What is successful now could not be successful tomorrow.

Kamna Gupta

Kamna Gupta

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