The eCommerce Automation Checklist


Isn’t it amazing to see your brand evolve? 

When you have more consumers, better profit, and drive higher, it turns out to be the best days for your brand. However, growth signifies your brand will become more demanding, and you will be more occupied than ever. This can lead to critical challenges such as tasks that are not completed on time. 

Automating your eCommerce brands directs to offloading the excessive weight from your shoulders. 

With eCommerce automation, you can streamline the repetitive tasks of your business that would contrarily begin to consume too much of your time.


What is eCommerce Automation

ecommerce_automation-mineCommerce Automation is a term used to describe any tool or technique whose objective is to support your eCommerce business to convert all of the manual, repetitive tasks into self-fulfilling, automated tasks.

Let’s discuss the type of repetitive, manual tasks your eCommerce employees are tired of working on. 

Consider the following that can be streamlined when automated, include:

  1. Inventory management
  2. Lead generation
  3. Strategy and decision making
  4. Marketing and communication system
  5. Internal communication
  6. Customer service

Automating your eCommerce helps you to unload intense workload, repetitive tasks, and simplifies processes that seem complex or complicated at first look.

Now the question is how exactly does this happen?

In its simplest manner, almost all eCommerce automation emerges through the TCA (Trigger, Condition, Action). 

Here’s how it works:

Think that you want to automate a very simple task: Any consumer that purchased for over $70 from your website gets free shipping to their delivery address.

The logic behind the automation of this task is the TCA:

  1. Trigger: The customer creates an order.
  2. Condition: The customer spends more than $70 on their order.
  3. Action: The customer gets free shipping.

The simple TCA mechanism functions nearly with all the eCommerce techniques you desire to automate.

Once you assign the trigger, condition, and action, you can stop pressing additional buttons following the method ever again and supervise it getting done seamlessly.

When to Automate your online store?

The foremost reasoning behind automating your eCommerce is to enhance the customer experience while simultaneously carving time for more significant tasks that compel cognitive and interpersonal skills.

  • Your team can’t bear up with the sales volume as the systems you have in place are inadequate. 
  • Sharing data from one system to the other takes up more than an hour per day per employee.
  • Your inventories are not up to date as the inventory briefs are slow, full of errors, and you find your store moving low on stock due to these inefficiencies.
  • Your sales team is more engaged in speaking to customers to rectify orders or shipping errors than ever.
  • Consumers are disappointed with your product and are returning their orders because of shipping or process inefficiencies.

If you checked at least three of these troubles, then your eCommerce requires automation.

Even if you don’t have any of these troubles yet, it is obvious that as your brand starts expanding, you will begin experiencing unpleasant bottlenecks in your procedures.

Benefits of eCommerce Automation

Automation delivers several privileges to your eCommerce brands because it enables you to attain things you otherwise wouldn’t be able to do. 

Some tasks can be exceptionally valuable to your brands but just aren’t feasible to execute manually. 

There are a myriad of tasks that involve constantly tracking and collecting data, checking for specific parameters, and then working upon them by emerging a certain procedure such as sending an email, flagging products, amplifying customers to particular segments.

Automation gives a means for the software to deal with all this data and progress accordingly, without extra efforts to interpose once you’ve set it up.

The major benefit to eCommerce automation is the amount of time it frees up for you and you can emphasize on enhancing your business and engaging your customers.

With automation, you only need to create the tasks according to how you want them to be executed, and then the software further takes care of it for you. 

eCommerce automation enables you to function your business in a more skilled way while alleviating some of the burdens. You’ll be able to dedicate your time where it truly matters, and provide the human touch where it’s needed.

eCommerce Automation Checklist

By far you know that you must automate to succeed, but where to begin? It is the next important section.

So consider the below crucial checklist of eCommerce Automation to enhance employees’ productivity and your online presence.

Turn consumers into loyal customers 


Improve customer lifetime value and lead sales with targeted marketing communications, customer rewards, and geo-specific promotions.

 Make things unique and personal


Target consumers with personalized marketing

  • Segment consumers by products purchased, lifetime spend, or products abandoned in the cart. 
  • Tag segments to trigger personalized marketing communications such as: 
    • Send a thank you main to VIP customers with exclusive offers who spend the most money.
    • Send a personalized email with recommendations based on purchase history.
    • Send an abandoned cart email offering an irresistible discount to complete the checkout process.

Surprise with rewards 


Boost the number of consumers using incentives.

  • Evaluate your average order value
  • Create a plan regarding how much amount you want customers to spend above this average
  • Propose consumers an incentive such as free voucher to add items to their cart and attain the outset
  • Tag orders to add the incentive at checkout when it is attained 

 Rejoice your path to sales

You can use consumer birthdays or geographically related promotions to increase purchases. 

  • Use birthday data from your loyalty program to trigger birthday emails with special offers 
  • Tag customers by city or nation to trigger geo-specific incentives 

Easy and economical acquisition of new leads


Pay less on customer acquisition when you optimize your marketing spend, curtail churn risk, and improve the ROI of your campaigns.

 Hit the pause button

You can pause marketing campaigns if inventory is inadequate and order more stock. 

Aware your marketing team via a communications tool such as Slack to pause campaigns and prevent spent ad dollars

Keep customers active

You can scale down consumer churn rates to help maintain your healthy relationship with consumers and in turn, high revenue.

With the help of metrics such as the last session, login, or purchase you can determine the measures for inactive customers.

When a consumer becomes inactive, trigger a win-back campaign.

Massive campaigns are around the corner 


You can personalize your online store, enhance site search functionality, and automate push notifications to improve campaign conversion rates.

Now, build easy to buy offers for consistent consumers and make it simple for them to find what they’re looking for to shop.

  • Tag items of the same color, fit, or size for uniform product discovery and organization
  • Tag SKUs with related product descriptions to add to suitable collections 
  • Integrate collection tags with your website search solution so consumers can filter results 

Nudge them a little 

For this, you can use browser push notifications to interact promptly with consumers and stimulate them to buy. 

  • Segment consumers by purchase history such as tag consumers when they make a second purchase.
  • Target consumers who have purchased products related to new products and notify them of the release 

The accurate cost and currency

You can use customer preferences and different choices to customize promotions for them.

  • Segment consumers by preferred currency based on their previous purchase
  • Tag each segment to collect checkout promotions modified according to currency

Wigzo For Marketing Automation 

Marketing is significant to evolving your business, but it’s also extremely time-consuming.

Any technique you can use to automate your marketing proposes a valuable benefit to your brand. 

Wigzo is the only personalized consumer experience solution offering marketing automation, personalization, analytics, and adverts specialized for eCommerce.

Wigzo has made omnichannel marketing easy as when your consumers receive the same experience and messaging on every marketing channel, your brand becomes familiar and the relationship is strengthened. 

Wigzo gives you the power to create unified and personalized campaigns for all your users.

Pre-built Automation Workflows


97% of people on your site are anonymous. Wigzo allows you to identify their intent and preferences in real-time and amplify opportunities for conversion uplift and engagement.

Wigzo’s machine-learning engine helps you engage users with AI. You get to define what rules exist and when these rules are triggered. Therefore, making sure that users are always presented with personalized products across every channel.

Push Notifications


Send personalized and media-rich push notifications to encourage app users to interact with your brand.

Email Personalization


Transmit targeted email marketing campaigns to engage users outside your app.



Deliver relevant and timely SMS notifications based on user identity and real-time behavior.

Exit intent


You can convert abandoning visitors to revenue and focus on giving visitors a reason to click-through. 

Key Takeaways 

Lately, in your eCommerce business, you should seek an absolute competitive advantage as consumers are becoming smarter and more demanding, and your competitors are also growing rapidly.

To stay ahead of your competitors and get ready for a better future, you should aspire to maximize consumer satisfaction while enriching the productivity of your employees. 

eCommerce automation enables you to do both, therefore driving an incredible competitive advantage for your business.

To set up your online store on autopilot requires an eCommerce automation tool that is embedded in your commerce platform. 

If you want to grow your eCommerce business, try Wigzo, an eCommerce omnichannel marketing automation platform.

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