Manage Customer Chats in One Place: Introducing ‘Conversations’ by Wigzo

Manage Customer Chats in One Place Introducing Conversations by Wigzo

Have you ever felt the frustration of juggling between your e-store chats and WhatsApp communication? It can be tedious to keep a tab on different chat threads and even keep the context or customer query in mind. The need to switch between different platforms can also lead to loss of leads – if they are not engaged in time. 

Luckily, this has become a problem of yesterday. Wigzo is proud to introduce the ‘Conversations’ app for e-commerce brands. 

Say ‘bye bye!’ to switching platforms for different customer chat threads. With Conversations, you can rope in your WhatsApp conversations and live website chats together for centralized management, better customer engagement, and superior CX.

‘Conversations’ is simple yet game-changing

The idea behind Conversations is simple: pool chats from different channels into one place so that the context of customer engagement is never lost.

For instance, if you are operating a niche Shopify store, and have multiple WhatsApp Business numbers for your customers to reach you, tracking and managing different queries can become cumbersome pretty quickly. Here, Conversations will provide you and your team the footing to handle all customer queries within the app.  

Benefits of Conversations app

As far as the ROI is concerned, this app is bound to uplift your customer support points, save you tons of support team bandwidth, and overall customer experience. 

The best part about Conversations is that it allows you to answer all customer queries in real-time, without any delays. The app allows you to be proactive when it comes to excellent customer support and experience. 

Besides this, the following benefits make it a must-have e-commerce power tool in your marketing arsenal. 

  • Track Real-time WhatsApp & Live Site Chats in one place
  • Add multiple e-commerce website domains within one account
  • Never let leads fall through switching cracks
  • Address all sales queries on time
  • Agent-based CRM Ticketing System (coming soon)
  • Delight customers with quick support

Automate Your Customer Chats


With the power of centralized conversation tracking and management comes the ability to automate. Luckily, Conversation features a host of automation features and integration possibilities to reduce manual labor on your end. 

The biggest benefit of using Conversations for your customer communication operations is that it will free up your customer support team from a plethora of chat requests. How? Well, through the following smart chat capabilities;

Deploy Chatbots


Conversations make it possible for e-commerce brands to integrate smart chatbots for automating most of their chats. E.g. a simple chatbot integration to greet your customers and ‘capture’ queries can greatly free the bandwidth of your sales/support team. 

Automate Your Instagram and Facebook Chats


Never miss another chat from your Instagram and Facebook channel users. Conversations allow you to see all your chat threads from Insta and Fb handles over a single app. Moreover, you can automate your social conversations with keyword-based triggers and templates. 

Send automated template-based replies

This is perhaps one of the most outstanding features of the Conversations app. You can simply set up template-based replies for basic chat automation. Examples include greeting, query, delay, and other circumstances. 

Set Keyword-based automated conversation rules


Want to take your customer-chat automation a notch higher? The app’s keyword-based automated chat rules make it possible. Simply select a set of keywords (say, track, find, order, where, etc.). Then set a template reply that says – “Hi {Name}, please tell us your order ID. We will send you an update shortly.” The use cases here are limitless. 

Create Your Own ‘CRM Ticketing’ System

Great customer experience calls for streamlined processes. Thanks to Conversations – Agent-based ticketing is now accessible to businesses of all sizes. With this app, you can;

  • Allow Support Agents to Raise tickets
  • Support teams can transparently track each conversation
  • Replay queries to other team members
  • Optimize your Customer Support Bandwidth

*Please note that the Ticketing system is under development and will be launched shortly for this application. 

Conversations App is super easy to use 

Wigzo has taken care of the ease-of-use part of using this incredible application. If you are an existing Wigzo user, you can simply follow the steps mentioned below;

  • Log in with your existing Wigzo Account
  • Team Wigzo will connect your WhatsApp Business
  • Start using Conversations to talk to your customers!

Or, if you want to learn more about this feature for your e-commerce business, you can connect with our team now!

Managing your customer chats with a full-blown ticketing system and centralized tracking system becomes much easier.  

Conversations: Upcoming features 2021

In the coming months, we will make Conversations even more powerful to tackle the chat-automation requirements of e-commerce businesses. Below are the features and capabilities under development for our application;

  1. Integrate your SMS chats
  2. More powerful chatbots & automation updates
  3. Agent-based Ticketing System

More such capabilities will keep rolling out as per the e-tail requirements of our users. So, stay tuned for them 😉

A lot can happen…with Conversations

From CX upliftment to highly engaged leads and proactive support, Conversations can turn tables for your business concerning ROI. 

Parth Kapoor

Parth Kapoor

Parth is a computer science graduate from the University of Delhi. He is a Manager - Customer Success at Wigzo and having over 4 years of experience in the e-commerce and SaaS industry. In his spare time, you will find him reading about the latest tech and playing games.

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