Clever Ways To Use Push Notifications Like Never Before

Tracking user behaviour across different digital platforms to understand what and why the users are interacting with has become the need of the hour for all kinds of businesses. In the last 3 years, push messaging has picked up pace on both mobile and web.

A 2015 study by Florida State University once stated that merely receiving mobile push notifications are as distracting as phone calls! There’s no doubt that you will get irritated if a message pops up on your mobile screen even if you are not using your phone. But such is the power of push: it catches your attention.

While building trust was a major challenge for the marketers to push the target audience to opt-in for notifications, they soon realized that personalization was the key to a successful customer-brand engagement.

Today, it’s proven that web push notifications (7-10%) receive a higher opt-in rate than emails (2%). A 2015 Localytics study revealed marketers saw an increase in the app retention rate due to personalized push notifications.

It became clear that a personalized push messaging strategy across mobile and web could help accelerate the conversion process for any business. Marketers, hence, started to apply the strategy to:


1. Communicate better with the target audience

So what happens once your new customer downloads your mobile app? Sit and do nothing? Nope. You use this opportunity to notify him of an upcoming sale. You keep him engaged. The best part is push messages can be sent even when the person is not using the app on his phone or when he has moved on to some other website. The push notification would just light up the screen (on mobile and web) and instantly transport you to the app or web page.

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2. Boost brand recall value

It’s a fact that customers are more likely to complete a conversion if the push message incorporates some sort of personalization. And why not? Won’t you be interested if an eCommerce brand sends you a web push notification – addressed to your name and talks about a product you left in your shopping cart a couple of days ago? Of course, you will!

3. Fasten the existing customer support system

Since push notifications are so direct in nature, the marketers can easily receive customer feedback and integrate it directly with the current CRM system. For instance: the content of the message can be “Are you having trouble using the promo code? Don’t worry. Call us on 011 and we’ll solve it for you.” Instead of waiting for them to connect with the team, let it be the other way around for a better sales experience.


Ten oh-so clever ways to use the push strategy

1. Send out price/sale alerts in real-time

If your eCommerce store is having a massive sale or the price dipped for one of the product ranges, push notifications (on both web and mobile) can literally give the prospective customers the “push” required for them to sit up and take notice of your brand offerings! Your messages should create a sense of urgency.

2. Validate your customers effectively

Not every visitor on your website will open a new account or share contact details but you can incentivise this activity by pushing out a notification to your subscribers. Notify him of the value he can get by interacting with your store on a deeper level.

3. Nudge them to make an action

Want to tell your prospects or customers about what’s new in your eCommerce store? Want them to check the latest product arrival or avail 50% FLAT discount on a particular service? Apply the push strategy.

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4. Empower them with real-time information

If you are running a news website, it is your duty to keep your readers informed at all times. And if you are doing it first and rather efficiently (with a pinch of personalization) through push notifications, then they will keep coming back to you.

5. Reduce cart abandonment quickly

This is perhaps the biggest concern for any online store owner. But through push messaging, shoppers – who got distracted and thought of coming back to it later or moved away from your online store due to whatever reasons – can be turned into customers with a slight nudge (read: small push message).

6. Inform the customers of their purchases

Sending constant mobile texts or emails to keep the buyer notified of his delivery is OK but using push notifications to update him on his order automatically is an effective strategy! Give him something to look forward to in real-time!

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7. Reduce browse abandonment

What would you do if a visitor browses through a product range on your website and leaves without making a purchase? How would you bring him back? Through Wigzo – as it would automatically send him a push message. The tool would automatically populate the product name inside the notification. This way, each message will be personalized for every visitor. That’s called 1:1 personalization.

8. Upsell and cross-sell smartly

In order to drive conversions through these two sales tactics, it is important to segment the customers into groups on the basis of their behaviour and purchase history with your brand. Only then will it be possible to send targeted recommendations to catch their attention.

If done in the right fashion and in an appropriate quantity, browser push notifications can earn the brand loyal customers for a lifetime!

9. Reduce search abandonment

Based on the search keywords that a visitor uses to browse through the products on your website, Wigzo will send him notifications of the products that match the same term. Having said that, this is an excellent tactic to engage the visitor by showing him products that he might be interested in!

10. Use social proof in your favour

See – anyone wouldn’t bat an eyelid before purchasing a product that has already been brought by ten other customers. Using that particular messaging in your notifications will help you boost your conversion rate.

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Become an expert in “push” with Wigzo

Using Wigzo-personalised, segmented & trigger-based notifications, you will be able to convert 33% of people abandoning their carts and also retain 26% more users using segmentation & behavioural notifications.


Atyab Mohammad

Atyab Mohammad

Atyab is the Chief Product Officer at Wigzo. A Professional from IIT Delhi, India. He has worked for creating products for companies like Canon. You might find him singing loudly during late hours in his office, which he calls an "Idea Generation Catalyst".

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