How to Bulletproof Your CX With RCS Business Messaging?

Bulletproof Your CX With RCS Business Messaging

With the rise of messaging apps like Whatsapp, Line, and WeChat, it’s hard to keep up with all the different ways customers want to communicate.

But there is a new contender on the scene: Rich Communication Services (RCS) business messaging. RCS Business Messaging offers businesses an opportunity to provide a richer experience for their customers than SMS ever could – from interactive content such as maps and contact information to video chat capabilities that let you connect in real-time with your customer service team.

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What is RCS Business Messaging Anyway?

RCS Business Messaging or RBM is a protocol between smartphones and mobile operators aiming to replace the traditional SMS and MMS messaging formats.

RBM is SMS 2.0-based technology that enables businesses to connect with customers through rich media content. Unlike SMS messages and other traditional text-based communication channels, RCS Business Messaging can deliver more data in less time because the 160 bytes limit per message does not limit it.

RCS also allows for real-time engagement between the customer and business, enabling companies to offer interactive services such as chatbots on their website, much like they would do a live chat on Facebook Messenger today.

“RCS Business Messaging is truly a next-gen enterprise communication channel.”

Why Use RCS Business Messaging for CX Upliftment?

Customers who have grown accustomed to calling up call centers are reluctant to revert for simple queries. 

When you provide a chatbot that can interact with customers in real-time, they are more inclined to make online purchases and stay engaged. It is also well documented that customers are 35 times more likely to engage with a brand when receiving an RCS message than when receiving emails.

Incorporating a rich communication channel (RCS) into business messaging has proven fruitful for enterprises using it in the US & European regions. It is similar to chats offered by popular messengers and provides exciting new features, such as videos, transactional functionality, location sharing, etc. Moreover, RCS has been developed to be a default messaging modality on most smartphones, which might create a brighter future ahead – in favor of superior customer engagement.

The best part about RCS Business Messaging is that the users can explore its rich functions in an entirely “verified environment, which reinstates the customer’s trust in brands.”

Benefits of Using RCS Business Messaging

There are several benefits to using RCS Business Messaging.

  • The user experience can be improved by providing an enriched messaging environment with rich media, documents, and transactions.
  • There’s also increased trust in your brand since all exchanges between customer and organization will take place on verified channels with no possibility of being hacked or leaked due to encryption features.
  • Finally, there are better targeting capabilities with deep personalization through “native advertising” – enabling you to customize information based on what’s important not just at this moment but from past interactions too!

Features that Make RCS Messaging Outrun Other Channels in Excellence

As competition in the marketplace intensifies, a seamless customer experience has never been more critical. In addition, the distance between your business and customers continues to shorten as our digital world becomes an increasingly virtual reality.

Fortunately, with RCS messaging, businesses have access to tools that can keep customers engaged at every stage of their journey.

Following are some of the exceptional benefits of RCS Business Messaging for all the businesses;

Rich Media Support

Rich Media inclusion and sharing them without an internet connection is perhaps the unique feature for RBM.

The ability to include videos, emojis, and gifs in a message will make for a more expressive one. Additionally, intelligent chatbots can be integrated with RCS to allow for natural conversation and allow the brand to be helpful with every customer interaction.

Seamless Replies & Actions

RCS messaging allows for quick reply and action templates for its users. As a result, customers can be more responsive to your business’s messages in real-time as the burden of ‘typing’ or ‘composing’ a message is cut off.

Verified Sender Identity

Every RCS text comes with your business name and logo, guaranteeing that customers know they’re reading a trustworthy message. When the communication goes off the internet (where links and domain names can verify sources), RCS builds the offline trust factor – a requisite to grow your business.

Deep Campaign Metrics

RCS Business Messaging allows marketers to discover insights from the metrics that matter the most. For example, with campaign metrics like client-specific DLRs, read receipts, and message open times, you can map out future strategies to yield much better results with each iteration.

RBM Real-World Use Cases

For E-commerce


RCS boosts the satisfaction of customers by implementing e-commerce transactions on messaging app itself. It can also personalize offers using marketing insights and user preferences when coupled with an intelligent chatbot.

For instance, some bot apps allow users to browse through products on the chatbot itself. For example, “Best Buy Deal of the Day” is one such e-commerce app where you can see all daily offers right from its chat interface. It is powered by none other than the RBM.

For Hospitality & Travel Industry

RBM is particularly a superior customer communication channel for the travel, tourism, and hospitality industry. With RCS Business Messaging, a customer can complete the entire booking process from within the chat app itself, eliminating dependence on web portals.

For instance,’s RCS chatbot sends confirmed booking with images and its location when the user types in the message “book.” Add-ons can also be integrated with the RCS messaging platform to further extend and curate different services on the go!

A2P Messaging for Any Business, Any Industry

RCS-for-any-industry (1)

With marketing campaigns as a backstop, businesses (from any industry following any model) can send hyper-personalized messages and notifications through RCS Business Messaging. Media coverage aids in these efforts. This contributes to strategic messaging to yield 

extraordinary results vis-a-vis ROI.

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