How to Build a Powerful SMS Subscriber List for your Business


Do you want to grow your subscriber list to scale up your business?

But which marketing platform can quickly boost your subscriber list? –  is an important question.

With a whopping 98% open rate, SMS is the best channel to optimize your subscribers.

SMS is a game-changer for eCommerce.

SMS marketing is the fastest-growing digital marketing channel. Unlike other channels, SMS is the most cost-effective and time-saving and can easily support and integrate with other marketing channels.

The average response time for any text is 90 seconds.

SMS marketing helps businesses of all sizes to send promotional messages to increase sales. But It’s important to understand that for SMS marketing campaigns consumer opt-in is required before sharing any messages.

Another interesting fact about SMS is that the opt-out rate of subscribers is under 5% which is far better when compared to the 15% of email subscribers that you lose every year if you only send out one email a week.

With SMS, you can easily convert your text messaging into an entire SMS marketing strategy from signup to conversion and long-lasting customer relationships.

Top brands like Reebok, CNN, Tommy Hilfiger, Chili’s, Kohl’s, and many other known brands all use SMS marketing to reach their customers.

Another popular brand is Redbox that uses SMS marketing to engage its customers, personalize its service, and promote DVD rentals. Its “The 10 Days of deals” SMS campaign generated nearly 1.5 million text messages, resulting in more than 200,000 new Redbox Text Club Members.

How to set your SMS subscriber list up for success?

For this, you will need to take into account how to manage all your customer contacts and messages.

Let’s walk through each step to understand clearly:

1. Relevant messages should be shared 

It is essential to maintain a good brand reputation for those who want to join your subscriber list. You can build a good image of a brand by practicing compliance and implement this market principle that If the user asks for one thing they don’t share the other irrelevant things.

For Instance, if your customer agreed to take your survey, don’t start sending them your newsletter or if your customer asked for product promotions, don’t send them updates on your ongoing events.

Also, users have to give you permission to send promotional messages to them. You can’t send a message without their direct consent even if you have got their number from any online data otherwise it will downturn brand reputation.


2. Selection between shortcode and long code

Both the codes have different ways to build your SMS subscriber list.

Shortcode is a 5 to the 6-digit phone number that is completely automated and is good for reaching an unlimited number of people but you cannot have a two-way conversation with the customers who text in.

Long code is a standard 10-digit phone number that is best for a two-way conversation with users to several thousand contacts such as any company phone number is a long code, and using that can make texting easier for everyone.

Unlike Long code, shortcodes are expensive and tricky. 

Long codes can feel more personal, but they also can only send one text per second.

So choosing appropriate code is vital.

3. Utilize SMS features to streamline your messaging

SMS marketing can offer 4 tools to manage your subscribers and Wigzo has all of these features.

  • Groups: organize your users for targeted text messages based on their interests 
  • Keywords: a word users can text to opt-in for promotional messages
  • Autoresponse: personalized automatic replies to any texts from the users 
  • Escalation: a customer-focused timer that will automatically alert you to any unanswered subscriber messages

All of these features can support you to passively build your subscriber list.

Build a powerful SMS subscriber list

Consider the following best ways to scale your SMS subscriber list to grow your revenue.

1. Instagram story viewer into your loyal SMS customers


Every brand has followers on Instagram who view their stories.

Isn’t it great if these viewers can be converted into SMS subscribers? Sounds interesting?

Well, there is a new exclusive feature that can seamlessly turn your organic Insta story viewers into loyal subscribers – Magic Link.

Magic Link is a two-step seamless opt-in to boost your SMS subscribers list. 

Instagram can include a web link in its stories that draws users directly to the intended app or page after the swipe up. This web link is similar to our Magic Link.

Step 1 – Insta story viewers are nudged to click the Magic Link that automatically redirects them to their mobile messaging app (SMS).

Step 2 – After this, they can simply press the “send” option and the pre-populated text opt-in will be received by the marketer.

With Magic Link integration in your Insta stories, you can instantly convert nearly 20% of your viewers into loyal SMS subscribers by incentivizing them which means if you have 5000 followers then you can turn 1000 of them into your SMS subscribers.

2. Add a signup option to your online checkout

Add a signup option to your online checkout

For online customers, you can design a signup option when they visit your brand website.

You can easily include a form that users can fill out to add themselves to your SMS subscription list.

You can also boost the SMS list by joining discount offers as such discount codes can speed up a customer’s decision-making process.

If you want to create a discount code for subscribers who want to join your subscriber list, create a space for them to enter their number during checkout. The code will then be texted to customers, who will enter it into a separate form for their discount.

3. Advertise your subscription on your website



According to a survey, If a visitor sees something at least 7 times, they’re more likely to take action on it which means users who often visit your website are going to check your sign-up Ad if it is displayed nicely.

To advertise sign up form on Website you can display it on the sidebar, or as a popup on your homepage 

There are many online graphic design tools, such as  Canva, are free and have pre-made templates that can help you create remarkable pop-ups for your company website.

4. Ask existing contacts for referrals


It is essential to nurture existing customers as 60% of users if they have a great customer experience then they will share good reviews with their friends and family about your brand and act as “Brand Evangelist” which can lead to asking them for the referral.

Either you can right away ask your most loyal users for referrals or give new subscribers gifts and discounts to enroll their friends to sign up.

If you have a huge subscriber list then asking for referrals can become a continuous cycle that passively builds your SMS subscriber list as around 80% of all customers believe in referrals.

5. Capture customers at your brick-and-mortar register

Catch customers at your brick-and-mortar register

Buyers before purchasing will cross your registration section which means you know you’ll always have a chance to catch them at the right time.

You can present a basic signup page beside the register, or invest in a short or long code that customers can text to signup and receive a free opt-in voucher at checkout.

When you are planning to the setup process, then you must answer such questions:

  • How will you advertise your subscription?
  • How often will you message subscribers?
  • What will you send in response to HELP?
  • What will you send in response to STOP?
  • Do you want subscribers to also text in questions?

Such questions are important to answer as it will help you to maintain a good reputation of the brand and a healthy relationship with the customers.

6. Display signup forms at conferences

Display signup forms at conferences

Conferences or seminars are the best events to generate more subscribers.

You can design a layout of signup form to attain a huge number of conference visitors.

Consider the following amazing tips

  • Instead of two columns use one column
  • Remove distractions, like lengthy form or unnecessary images 
  • Make a list of every reward a new subscriber will receive for joining

Rewards are vital to scale up sign up like 61% of consumers will subscribe to an SMS list if they’re offered discounts or vouchers. 

You can simply have users who opt-in to your SMS subscriber list to text their name to be entered into your raffle.

Final Thoughts

SMS subscribers are those leads who are the most engaged and want to have a personal connection with your brand.

Around 91% of all U.S. citizens have their mobile device within reach 24/7 which makes SMS the most preferred medium by users to talk to brands. 4 out of 5 people choose messages as a way to keep themselves informed about brand communication.

There are several ways to build a powerful SMS subscriber list but Wigzo has an exclusive feature that can convert your Instagram followers into SMS subscribers known as SMS Instagram Magic Link. It is a two-step opt-in tool that can instantly convert around 20% of your Instagram viewers into loyal subscribers by incentivizing them. 

If you want to leverage this feature and instantly want to boost your subscriber list, then try Wigzo today and you will be astounded with the result. (Free 15 days Trial Available)

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