Boost Your Customer Engagement Rate With Web Push Notifications


All businesses – irrespective of size and industry – are going digital in a big way. Creating proper websites and building a strong social media presence are two things that have slowly gained importance amongst all of them.

The truth is we live in a digital age. We search the internet for even the tiniest bit of information. We can’t survive without the interweb. Our whole world relies on it when it comes to staying updated, shopping for products or services or getting entertained.

Digital competition is tough

Whether it is an eCommerce firm or a content-based website or any other kind of online or mobile business – you will witness a cut-throat competition among all brands to capture their audience’s attention and convert them into loyal customers to drive their business revenue.

According to StatCounter Global Stats, desktop usage still accounts for around 48.7% of the total internet time worldwide, which means that consumers are more likely to interact with various brands from the desktop than through their mobile phones or tablets.


These consumers are of the opinion that it is way more simple and intuitive for them to check out brand credibility and products and more on the bigger screen than on their mobile phones or tablets – fair enough!

Just look around yourself – even the kirana stores have enlisted themselves on contact sites such as to be more approachable. And if a business is strictly operating online, then the need to engage the consumers is even more!

The growth hack of 2017: Web push strategy

Push notifications were originally used in Blackberry devices to notify users that they had new emails. But as you can see – they have clearly gone beyond that and evolved into a smart marketing tactic. In the last 4 years, the power of push has spread across both mobile and website channels by businesses – irrespective of size and industry – to boost customer engagement and conversion rates.

Just look at how many industries are including the web push strategy in their marketing plans. It only highlights the fact that web push notifications are effective indeed! What do you think?

According to FollowAnalytics, 60% of customers opt in or give their consent to receive messages. Push notifications are highly effective for many demographics, including millennials, with about 84% of them claiming to respond to push notifications they have received.

One of the biggest advantages of web push notifications is, unlike other communication channels such as email and social media, the notification appears right in front of the user/consumer, on the screen, in real-time and prompts an immediate response from him or her.

Web push notifications also receive a higher opt-in rate than emails. Wigzo has recorded an average 7-10% opt-in rate for web push notifications, as compared to just 2% opt-in rate for emails.

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Ways to boost the customer engagement rate with web push

Now that you know how effective the results can be if a web push strategy is applied by the business, it is vital to learn ways to engage the consumers of your market and turn them into customers:

1. Promotional messages work and how

Whether there is a new range arrival, an incentive, a subscription discount or an 8-hour contest in progress, use push notifications to notify your consumers to bring their attention to your website. Send a personalized message if you want to reconnect with disengaging visitors.

2. Personalization is paramount

Yup – personalized push messages increase CTR by 25% than the one-size-fits-all message. 89% of millennials are bound to interact with a notification coming from their favorite brand if it’s personalized.

3. Shopping cart abandonment is a nuisance

This specifically applies to eCommerce firms. If the consumers have left the products in the cart and probably forgotten about them, it still means they are interested in them but are not convinced to make the final purchase. With push notifications, you can do just that. Send messages on how quickly they are going out of stock or offer them a discount.

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5. Inform them, empower them

With push notifications, a news website is able to send the most relevant messages to its reader base and educate them on what’s current. Once the readers subscribe to their push notifications, they receive breaking news alerts whether or not their browser is open.


Today’s consumers like being informed. They want to stay updated. And if your brand is doing it first and rather efficiently (with a pinch of personalization), then they will keep coming back to you.

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Over to you

Personalized web push notifications lead to at least 25% in click-through rates as compared to generic notifications – and Wigzo not only believes in this but also has made sure that the assistance provided is super personalized for maximum conversions.

Using Wigzo personalised, segmented & trigger-based notifications, you will be able to convert 33% of people abandoning their carts and also retain 26% more users using segmentation & behavioural notifications.

It’s all about making shopping or consuming information convenient and fun for the modern consumer, and if a business is able to tap into catering to these needs without being too robotic in its messages, the job is done and it has secured a loyal customer!

Can’t wait to get started with Wigzo?


Atyab Mohammad

Atyab Mohammad

Atyab is the Chief Product Officer at Wigzo. A Professional from IIT Delhi, India. He has worked for creating products for companies like Canon. You might find him singing loudly during late hours in his office, which he calls an "Idea Generation Catalyst".

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