How to Boost Your Business with Facebook Messenger Bots

Facebook Messenger Bots

Running a business is not an easy task. It requires constant effort, investment, creativity, and new ideas. In order for you to keep your business up and running, you need to be following trends and learning about new ways of improving your business strategies. This includes finding advanced, contemporary methods for boosting your business.

The new way of doing business is practically unimaginable without the implement of social media. One of the leading social media platform, Facebook, has more than 2 billion monthly active users, and the number keeps on growing. However, its sisterly messaging app Facebook Messenger is on the rise as well.

Facebook Messenger as a Business Tool

Facebook Messenger has well above 1.3 billion active users per month. Although people use the messaging app to exchange private messages and stay in touch with friends and family, Facebook Messenger is becoming a dominant tool for businesses all over the globe.

On a monthly basis, there are around 8 billion messages exchanged between businesses and users.

Business people have recognized the potential behind the app, and haven’t stopped using it ever since.

In addition to making communication with Facebook users faster, more efficient, and convenient, the app introduced a change which took the whole thing to a new level.

As of 2016. you can purchase a product or service directly through the Facebook Messenger chat. Simple as that!

Considering the number of people using both Facebook and Facebook Messenger, and the number of messages being sent between businesses and users, it’s obvious you need to be a part of this game to help your business grow.


Keep reading to find out how to manage your Facebook Messenger easily and turn potential customers into loyal ones.

Facebook Messenger Live Chat

Chatting with customers in real time has already brought immense benefits to business owners. With the ability to provide guidance and help to their customers, they’re able to increase conversions and boost their business.

However, what happens when keeping up with your customers’ requests and questions on Facebook Messenger becomes too time-consuming? Or you fail to deliver the top-notch service they deserve?

With the daily increase of Facebook Messenger users, it’s no wonder why certain businesses are struggling to keep up the pace and provide the proper treatment to all their customers.


This is why every business page needs a Facebook Messenger chatbot.

What is a Chatbot

In case you’re a bit confused about what a chatbot actually is, here’s a quick guide to help you understand it better.

“A chatbot is a computer program or an artificial intelligence which conducts a conversation via auditory or textual methods.”

In other words, chatbots can be programmed to:

  • Ask questions
  • Offer options
  • Answer question
  • Follow requests
  • Follow instructions
  • Carry out a conversation

It’s a computer program, working instead of you and getting a larger amount of work done within a shorter timeframe.

It’s that brilliant.

In terms of doing business via Facebook Messenger, a chatbot is something you definitely want to consider. It can take some serious load off your back, help you maintain steady relationships with your clients, and boost your business extensively.

How to build the perfect chatbot

Before we get to the part about different ways in which you can use Facebook Messenger bot to boost your business, you need to learn about building a chatbot.

The chatbot you build for your Facebook Messenger will be the one to meet, greet, and guide your potential customers through the process of (hopefully) purchasing your product or service.

This means that you need to make it suitable for your target audience and efficient in terms of reaching your goal.

Therefore, when building a chatbot, make sure to:

Define the target audience

  • Who are your potential clients and customers?
  • How old are they?
  • What is their gender?

Make sure you know who you’re chatbot is going to talk to and build it with the target audience in mind.

Give clear instructions

If you want your chatbot to be a success, you need to forget about using fancy words and complicated business terms.

Instead, use simple, clear language. Make your instructions easy to understand, concise, and to the point.

Give response options

To retain control over the situation, give the users a couple of response options. This will help you stay in charge of things and get them to their end goal in a more pleasant manner.

In addition, open-ended questions are much harder to program and your chatbot may not be able to provide help to each of your customers.

Your chatbot needs to be as efficient as possible. Still, you need to find the fine line between being at users’ service and pushing them too hard to buy something.

Once you build it, you need to connect it to your website or e-commerce and start using to improve your business.

There are many services out there that will help you set up Facebook Messenger Bots in minutes, such as ZoConvert.

ZoConvert - messenger marketing tool

How to Use Facebook Messenger Bots to Boost Your Business

Now that you know what Facebook Messenger chatbot is and what you should think about prior to building one, it’s time for us to review all the amazing benefits which come with the chatbot.

You can use the Facebook Messenger chatbot in almost every aspect of your business. Take a look at the best strategies for using a chatbot to boost your business.

Learn about your business

To give potential customers a more clear idea about what your business is and what you can do for them, you can program your chatbot to send each visitor a greeting message.  

The message can give further details about your vision and goals:

  • Hi there! We are a fashion store located in Madrid, Spain. Our products are made from the finest natural materials…

Give your customers some information such as:

  • Your location
  • Your vision
  • Your products
  • Your history

Make it brief but informative and welcoming. This is a great way to greet new people and make them feel like they’re in good hands.

Find a Product

When a customer is having trouble getting around on your website or your Facebook profile, they’re probably going to give up at some point and leave without purchasing.

You can change this by using a Facebook Messenger bots programmed to give your customers the guidance they need and lead them one step at a time until they’ve settled for a product.

Once the conversation between the customer and the chatbot begins, the chatbot can start asking questions and giving response options to the customer:

What are you looking for?

  • Jeans
  • Dresses
  • Beachwear
  • Shoes
  • Accessories

What kind of jeans would you like?

  • Skinny
  • Low-rise
  • Straight-leg
  • Boot cut

The chatbot can continue to ask questions about the customers’ size, preferred colors, style, and other factors until it finds the perfect match.

This will encourage the customer to make the purchase and feel good about their choice.

Buy Now Button

When you guide a customer through the process of finding a product they might be interested in buying, it’s time to seal the deal.

But, in order for them to make the purchase, they don’t necessarily need to leave the app. How great is that?

If you add the “Buy Now” button to your chatbot, you are making the whole purchasing process a lot easier. That means that:

  • customers don’t need to leave the app
  • they click the Buy Now
  • checkout within the app

The payment will be done through the app and the chatbot will help them get what they want in only a couple of steps.


This means that you have to sync your Messenger chatbot with your e-commerce website.

This button is definitely going to boost your business since it saves your clients’ time and ensures they have no trouble going through with their order.

Offer Styles

There’s another way a chatbot can help your customers find what they’re looking for. You can program it to provide different style options using images of famous people or models.

For example, a chatbot can ask the customer:

What kind of style are you looking for?

It can provide options such as:

  • Formal
  • Casual
  • Sophisticated
  • Retro
  • Sexy
  • Business

Once the customer selects the desired style, the chatbot can provide him with various images of people dressed in that style.

It can ask something like:

  • What do you think about this?
  • How about something like this?

If the customer likes an image, the chatbot can further help the customer by finding products matching the style from the image. destressing-facebook-messenger

It’s a fun yet efficient way for a customer to find what they like and have fun while doing so.

Abandoned Cart

The typical shopping cart abandonment rate for online retailers varies between 60 and 80 percent.

There are numerous reasons why people would abandon their shopping cart in the middle of a session and give the whole thing up:

  • Additional costs
  • Complicated checkout process
  • Having second thoughts about a product
  • The website is to slow

Whatever the reason is, if they thought about making a purchase, the chatbot can help the customer finish the process.

Since your website is linked to your Facebook Messenger, a chatbot can use this to track down the shoppers who’ve abandoned their cart and give them a reminder about it. A chatbot can send them a message such as:

  • You still have items in your cart.
  • Would you like me to help you go ahead with the purchase?

In addition, a chatbot can offer some kind of a discount for those who are hesitating. This will certainly help seal the deal and win over the customer.

Use Messenger chatbots for abandoned cart recovery

Gift Recommendation

When a customer is shopping for someone else, most of the times they don’t have a clear idea about what is it that they’re looking for.

This is yet another chance for the chatbot to help your customer find the ideal present for their friend and guide them to buy something from your offer.

The chatbot can ask questions about the person the gift is for:

Is the person male or female?

How old is he?

  • 15-25
  • 25-35
  • 35-45
  • etc.

What is he like?

  • Creative
  • Sporty
  • Music lover
  • Artistic

Step by step, the chatbot can narrow things down and find something this person would absolutely love. This type of service is of great hand to the customer and would motivate them to make the purchase.

Gift Recommendation

It’s a great helping hand for boosting your business and keeping things running smoothly.

Discounts and Sales

Who doesn’t like a good sale or a discount?

A chatbot can help your customers learn about your hottest offers and best discount to win them over.

Therefore, make sure to program your chatbot to inform your customers about:

  • last minute sales
  • special offers
  • different kinds of discounts

A chatbot can even make an offer for individual shoppers to ensure they don’t abandon their carts and finish their session. It can send messages such as:

  • Hey, I see you have these products in your cart. I can knock the price down for you and give you a 10% discount if you make the purchase immediately. What do you say?

The customers would feel appreciated and taken care of, and this would probably give them the extra push to make the purchase.

Discounts and Sales

This way the chatbot is helping you win over more clients and boost your business immensely.


Having a Facebook Messenger chatbot is like hiring the best possible online salesman. It’s fast, accurate, attentive, and guided by useful data. It provides instant help and advice and takes care of every single customer. It’s efficient and productive.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a sure-thing way to boost your business, there’s no doubt about a Facebook Messenger bot being the best way for you to go. Use it to help your customers, seal more deals, and sell more products or services. Use the advice given above and start your Messenger chatbot adventure today.

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