How To Convert Your Website Visitors Into Customers – 9 Hacks That Always Work

Convert Your Website Visitors Into Customers

Have you noticed that some of your website visitors land on one of your pages, stay there for a while and sift through the content you have to offer? And just as you start to expect that they would convert into a subscriber or a customer, they abandon your website. In the majority of the cases, these customers are lost forever as they explore the options available to them and move away from the business they previously showed interest in.

Retargeting advertisements and marketing campaigns are known to bring back these lost customers – at least partially. But what if you made sure that any visitor to your website did convert before leaving?

Best Tips to Turn Your Website Visitors into Customers in 2019

Here are some ways to use exit intent to convert your website, visitors, before they head out to look at other options.

1. Make your value proposition absolutely visible

We agree that your header image and title are probably screaming out your value proposition, but sometimes it is just hard to understand for a visitor. Simply putting it in a different way can actually help a visitor understand what you’re offering a little better and nudge him towards making an interaction or converting.

Now you can possibly be using a ‘or’ or a ‘/’ while writing your home page copy to test out two different variations of your value proposition. In this case, you can use an exit intent campaign to retarget the leaving visitor with the same value put together in a different way that is more likely to be understood by him.

2. Offer a micro-conversion to visitors instead

In our zeal to drive direct sales or conversions, most business websites focus only on one goal. But is it something that your website visitors are ready to do? Are they willing to make a bigger commitment to your business by signing up for a free trial or purchasing your product?

Most internet users are skeptical about making interactions with businesses, fearing their credibility. This is why it is important to offer a micro-conversion to them. If you have been noticing your visitors head out of the website without clicking through the end call-to-action you wanted them to, it is time to think of a smaller way to start the conversation.

For instance, if you have a product that you would like them to start a free trial of and then eventually purchase, you could first offer them a demo. This will give you the opportunity to understand the user’s needs better and help him understand what you have to offer too!

Alternatively, you could just ask an exciting visitor to follow you on social media. This gives you the opportunity to nurture him with content nuggets over a period of time – on a regular basis.

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3. Drive them towards a converting piece of content

Sometimes your website or landing page copy isn’t enough to convert a visitor. You need to give him a little more content or information that will help him make an informed decision – be it that of trying out your product or subscribing to notifications from you.

Using an exit intent campaign, you can actually promote a piece of content that you think is more likely to convert this visitor. If there’s a trending topic you covered on the blog or a case study that shows the excellent results using your offerings can generate, redirect them to it before they leave because they are still interested in knowing more about your business – once they leave, you can’t be sure of that!

Redirect them to the most popular designs on your store.

Or simply to a piece of content that is informative and would make them want to convert.

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4. Offer them an extra discount coupon

Who doesn’t like getting an additional discount on products or services? Even if it is a mere 10%, your website visitor becomes 10 times more likely to convert before leaving the website if he spots the deal!

Generally, website visitors leave either because they did not find what they were looking for or think that the product/service isn’t in their budget. This is the perfect time for the business to make them feel special and offer a discount that they are probably wishing for.

Be it them leaving from the cart checkout of your eCommerce store or simply browsing through your website before deciding to leave, a one time discount can help you recover the almost-lost customers instantly.

Even if it is just a limited time free shipping that your business can offer to the visitor, use an exit intent to hit the nail on the head!

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5. Personalize your exit intent to interests

While exit intent offers the perfect opportunity to your business to retarget website visitors with your value proposition, it shouldn’t feel like an intrusive element to them. You need to make sure that all your exit intent campaigns are personalized to suit the interests of your website visitor. Be it based on the source from where they discovered your website, the pages they have visited so far or more, remember to create smart segments of the visitors to your website.

Using these segments, you can create custom exit intent campaigns for each type of visitor. Is it an XYZ product that they’re looking at? Offer them a special deal. Are they looking at women’s clothing? Retarget them with an upselling campaign that is worth every penny of theirs!

6. Make it readily available

Is there a product that your website has to offer that the visitor can get started with right away? Time to make it readily available to them. Even though you have a call-to-action on every web page of your business site, it is important to understand that a visitor might not have the time to discover it.

So using an exit intent campaign, you could retarget them with a direct link to getting started with your product/service. Cut out the time required for him to figure out where to sign up from or how to get started, and see your conversion rate rise!

7. Conduct a poll or a survey for your visitors

With the ever-changing market trends, it is sometimes difficult to understand what the visitors are really looking for. Is it a deal, a smaller version of the product, case studies, some additional features, or something else altogether? While your market research might get you some answers, who’s better than the customer himself to answer that for you?

When your visitor is leaving without converting on the website, it is evident that what you’re offering isn’t exactly what he was looking for. In this case, using an exit intent campaign, you could ask them to participate in a poll or a survey that gives you a deeper understanding of what they were looking for or what they expect.

8. Offer customer support

Sometimes all your visitor needs are some support to convert. Be it making a purchase or understanding an aspect of your service/ product, offering customer support to your existing visitor is a great way to move him a little ahead towards conversion.

Since you let him consume the content offered on your website at his own pace and then retarget him asking if he needs something else, it gives you and him both an opportunity to strike a conversation.

9. Make sure all your campaigns are mobile optimized

Only 42% of traffic to your website comes from desktop devices. The remaining are accessing it via their mobile devices, while on-the-go. While your websites are obviously responsive and optimized for mobile, you need to make sure that your exit intent campaigns are too.

Since these visitors are looking for similar things as the desktop visitors and have similar reasons for leaving the business site, it is important you retarget them too. Make sure that your exit intent campaign functionalities are the same as that of the desktop – the timing and the design of the popup shouldn’t be intrusive to the visitor.

Getting started with recovering your lost visitors

An average business website or an online store loses up to 40% of its daily visitors. If you’re one of them or don’t want to be one of them, it is time to get started with on-site retargeting.

Wigzo exit intent technology makes it easier for your business to grab the visitor’s attention within the 12 seconds time limit you have, and drive him towards conversion. It uses machine learning to understand the intent of a visitor and help you create a campaign that is highly personalized to suit his interests.

Editor’s Note: This article was first published on Dec 22, 2016, and has been updated regularly since then for relevance and comprehensiveness.

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