7 Marketing Hacks that Every Marketer Should Try Out

7 Marketing Hacks that Every Marketer Should Try Out

Everything changes with time.

And that’s not a bad thing either — it is important to evolve with time, especially when it comes to your marketing techniques and solutions.

Every penny you spend on your marketing budget should be done to make sure that you acquire as many prospects as possible, and engage with your target audience.

You would think that there is no shortcut to success and it is not reliable to use marketing hacks. However, trying out some of the marketing hacks doesn’t mean that you have to take a shortcut.

Apart from this, marketing hacks are a way to stand above the norm and leave behind your competitors.

And the internet is inundated with so many success stories.

Have a look at the tremendous, not to say steady growth of Slack. Makes one wonder what was their secret to success?


Well, let me tell you one thing — it’s not a secret, that’s for sure.

What led to this success is hard work and a couple of marketing hacks that allowed them to engage their audience.

That’s why I have rounded up some marketing hacks that will help you see immediate and credible growth results.

7 Awesome Marketing Hacks for 2021

1. Include social proof on your website

Can’t figure out what to do with that blank spot on your website? Simple, use it for some social proof.

If your website is devoid of social proof, then you are unknowingly doing your ROI real harm.

A whopping 90 percent of people claimed that positive reviews influenced their buying decisions.


And you don’t have to spend millions of dollars on it either. No one’s asking you to hire Tom Cruise to endorse your product for you. You just have to provide great customer service and your customers will put in the word for you and that’s the best form of social proof.

The social proof that you get from your customers is even more impactful than celebrity endorsements. Because let’s face it: we all know that celebrities are in it for the money.

Once you know that your customers are happy, don’t hesitate to ask them for a customer testimonial. Once they agree to provide you with positive testimonials, don’t hesitate to display them on your website.

Better yet, if your product is used by some prominent brands that you would love to show how often you can even display them on your website.

Here’s an example from AeroLeads:


Apart from this, you can also display your numbers. For instance, you can sneakily add the number of people who are using your services.

Here’s how you can do it, just like Nosto:


If you don’t have such impressive numbers to display, then you also have the other choice…to dimply your testimonials.

There are other options as well. For instance, you can compel your audience to spread the word around using word-of-mouth marketing techniques.

Host public contests, reward the winners, and then encourage them to post their images including a mention of your product in the post.


2. Incentivize Social Sharing

Millions and millions of people are using social media for various purposes today.

Some are using it to humble-brag about their vacations and cool cars, and some are in it for fame.

But this is just one part of it.

A huge demographic is using social media for other purposes, like social selling, increasing their social media following to increase their brand’s online visibility, and other marketing & sales purposes.

And I am sure you are part of a populace that wants to leverage social selling to boost sales and increase online visibility.

In the previous point, we talked about word-of-mouth marketing and asking your audience to spread the word around for you on social media channels.

But the question is — why would anyone do that?

The first thing that people are going to ask before helping you out in your social selling endeavors is — what’s in it for me?

And that’s why I think that offering attractive incentives to your audience is a great marketing hack.

You can try giving away a free sample or a complimentary gift to your most loyal customers. Chances are, these customers will feel excited and grateful enough to post about this on their social media channels.

Here’s an example from Sephora:


Or you can host a giveaway and ask your audience to share a specific post on multiple platforms, set a goal for them and, offer a reward that is relevant to them.

Just try this one out and you will see how the word about your brand will spread like wildfire.

What sort of incentives can you offer?

  • A discount offer.
  • Attractive Coupons.
  • Gift cards.

These are just a few options, you can even browse through the internet and see what other people are doing.  

3. Use a Freemium Model

People love free stuff and that’s why we have been talking so much about freebies and giveaways.

Offering a Freemium Model is nothing different. It is also another ploy to help you attract customers to your brand and make them happy. And this is what matters the most, right — making your customers happy?

Once you satisfy your customers with the Freemium model that offers basic yet rich functionalities, you can try to persuade them to try out the paid model that has even better functions.

Offering a Freemium model is especially a useful marketing hack for SaaS-based companies. By giving away a couple of basic services, you are garnering a whole lot of goodwill, not to mention tons of users, and massive online visibility.

4. Persuade Influencers or famous bloggers to review your product

Today, influencers and famous bloggers hold a prominent position in the marketing world.

They have their own set of audience that believes in what they say. That’s why it is a great idea to get one of these influencers or bloggers to write your product review and publish it on their blog.

But mind you, not just any influencer will do. Make sure that the influencer you connect with is relevant to your niche and industry and holds credibility. Make sure to steer clear of fake influencers as well.

Now coming to another point — how would you persuade them to review your product?

Well, you can either offer them a free account for your product or any other reward that aligns with their goals.

So many companies are following this route and why won’t they since it is paying off. For instance, a lot of web hosting companies are offering free hosting services in return for honest reviews. You can also try out this same strategy and offer your premium package for six months to get an honest review in return.

You are getting a win-win deal here. You get free promotion along with content and backlinks.

That sounds like a great deal, right?

So, scour through the internet to start your search for bloggers and influencers who would be willing to write a review for you.

Connect with them on a social media channel or via email, without being pushy about it.

5. Focus on Building an Email List

A list of marketing hacks would never be complete without an email marketing hack.

After all, building an email list is likely to be one of the top priorities for so many marketers and sales professionals. And if it is not a top priority for you, then you are doing it all wrong.

After all, over 91% of consumers check their email at least once a day.


And this is not it.

According to statistics, for every $1 spent, email marketing generates $44 in ROI.


Thus, if you want to tap into a massive audience and generate a truckload of revenue at the same time, building an email list is a great idea. Because let’s face it: there is no email marketing strategy without a great email list.

So, make sure that you focus on building an email list.

But where do you start?

First and foremost, start asking for email addresses.

Incorporate an email opt-in form wherever you can — in your blog, email newsletter, exit popups, website’s landing page, website’s footer, and so forth.

To make sure that your audience wouldn’t be able to leave your website without providing you with their email address, offer a little something extra — offer them a free ebook or a discount coupon.

Here’s a perfect example:

Make sure that you make your intentions clear. Your prospects should have a clear idea of why you are asking for their email address, what they will get in return, and so forth.

6. Blog consistently and keep your target audience in mind (not search engine ranking)

The subhead for this point says it all.

You have to make sure that your target audience can discover you — then you have to blog extensively.

The best part is that it is one of the least expensive ways to market your brand. Basically, with this marketing hack, you have nothing to lose…and everything to gain.

Today, consumers are smarter than ever before. They go straight to the internet to seek information before getting in touch with a brand.

Now you must show how to adapt to this process and meet them halfway.

Write amazing content, make it optimized, informative, and perfect for your target audience so they get curious about your brand after they are done reading your blog.

That said, don’t launch your blog with a short-term goal in mind. If you plan to abandon your blog after publishing amazing content for the first few weeks, then it is of little to no use.

With blogging, as with many other marketing techniques, consistency is the key.

Once your audience starts to like your content, they will look forward to your next post and would expect to see the same regularly. This is just the beginning.

As your audience or subscriber’s list starts to grow, you will see a huge boost in your email list, social shares, lead generation, and so forth.

But if you abandon your blog, your current readers wouldn’t think twice before abandoning you.

7. Repurpose your blog posts

I am sure you are aware of repurposing and recycling. After all, you are an environmentally responsible citizen.

But there is another, equally impactful, type of repurposing and recycling that we are talking about today: content repurposing.

Maintaining a blog can be tough. It is not easy to remain consistent and abide by your blog post deadlines. But you don’t want to miss out and lose important prospects in the process.

Don’t worry — now is the time to repurpose your content.

Go through the blog posts that you have published until now.

Which ones have the most engagement? Which blog post has the maximum shares? Maximum readers?

Take out some bits and pieces from that blog post and change them into an infographic.

Infographics are a great way of getting a lot of social shares.

Or you can change it into a SlideShare presentation.

Visual content is even more attractive to your audience than your regular textual content. According to stats, Infographics can increase web traffic by up to 12%.

This marketing hack is simple — mold your great piece of a blog into various forms and share it all across the internet.

The Bottom Line

Customer is the king! Am I right or am I right?

And I am sure you know it. That’s why most of our marketing hacks revolve around customers. The happier your customers are, the more revenue you will be able to generate. So, at the end of the day, all your marketing and sales strategies should gravitate towards your target audience.

Along this journey, you would also have to pay for the viable talent who will help you achieve all that you have stargazed and planned. It might take time, but once everything is in place, you will be able to reap massive benefits.

So, make sure that you incorporate these marketing hacks in your growth strategy!

Paras Sachan

Paras Sachan

Paras Sachan is a Copywriter, Digital Marketer, and the founder of PocketWriter.co. He loves talking about automating organizations, BPM, entrepreneurship, and of course- killer content strategies that make brands win online.

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