40 Best Email Subject Lines To Increase Opening Rate and CTR

Email Subject Lines

Did you know that your email subject line has a direct correlation with your open rate? 

It’s amazing how much of an impact this little sentence can have on your marketing campaign’s success or failure! It’s no secret. Email marketing is a powerful business tool. In fact, it’s one of the most effective ways to generate revenue for your company. But did you know that many people don’t open emails because they are too busy? 

The solution: use subject lines that grab their attention!

Wigzo has compiled a list of 40 email subject lines that will boost your opening rate and average Click Through Rate significantly. We’ve curated the subject lines into different categories so you can find what works best for you and your audience. 

Ready? Let’s get started!

Personalized Subject Lines

Personalized emails alone can result in a whopping 6x higher transaction rates. For any e-commerce business, that means a massive upturn in overall revenue. 

Personalized email subject lines became the norm years ago when mobile search and social media were rising. Back then, including the recipient’s name in the email subject line was considered ‘personalized enough.’ Today, it is a basic customer expectation. So, you’ll have to find a hyper-personalized subject line and email copy to engage your recipients with every email blast truly. After all, just knowing the name does not count as knowing the person. 

Check out our collection of personalized email subject lines for an e-commerce audience to power up your next campaign. 

Personalized Email Subject Lines

  • Cassandra, a handful of savings is just a click away!
  • Cassie, here is a curated gift pack for you
  • We know you like savings, Joanne!
  • Shop and save alert for Alex
  • You won’t regret trying this product, Alisha!
  • Rahul, your Cyber Monday coupon is here
  • Did you miss the smartphone launch, Alex?
  • Selected gifts – just for you, Casie
  • Here is a flat 20% off – just for you
  • We handpicked this furniture just for you, Mary.

Promotional Email Subject Lines

Our email inboxes are mostly flooded with promotional emails. It seems like there are new products, services, and offers popping up every second.

The holidays are a great time to promote products and grow your email list. Unfortunately, during the most popular days for shopping – like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you’re also competing with all other marketers who want potential customers to follow them! 

Besides an effective Black Friday marketing strategy for your brand, witty promotional email subject lines will also give you the desired results.  

For promotional subject lines to be impactful, make sure your product is discounted. This will give people an incentive to buy now rather than waiting until after the said day out of fear that they’ll miss it altogether or not get their desired price point (scarcity principle, you see!).

Here are some creative promotional email subject lines that work well for targeted e-commerce buyers.

Promotional Email Subject Lines

  • Don’t miss out on Black Friday freebies!
  • Here is your flat 20% off Coupon
  • Christmas Bargain, unlike any
  • New E-Store Alert! Claim your discount coupon
  • Tonight only, denim lovers dream
  • Your favorite shopping fest is here
  • Amazon’s Health & Fitness Sale
  • Ready to know today’s top offers? Find out now
  • Your wishlist is on sale
  • Stop EVERYTHING! Up to 50% off ALL Dresses

Humorous Email Subject Lines

Your customers are more willing to buy from you when they’re in a good mood. It doesn’t matter what it is – if your emails make them laugh, then shoppers will keep coming back for more. However, humor and wit are fine lines, especially for corporate bodies. They can as easily offend a group as it can make them chuckle. 

To avoid any drastic backfires, loss of reputation, and money, experiment with humorous lines first. Analyze how well your audience receives it and how potent your jokes are to elicit a laugh out of them. 

Nevertheless, humor can very well suit your e-tail business if used in just the right spirit and frequency while resonating with your audience’s values (and feelings, duh!). Here is a collection of some humorous email subject lines to inspire your next email blast. Now, you can automize your email marketing through a process called email automation.

Funny Email Subject Lines

  • Licking your phone never tasted so good
  • Cruisin’ for a jacuzzin’
  • Deals That Make Us Proud (Unlike Our Nephew, Steve)
  • You’ve Changed…Why?
  • Meet our sheet
  • Holy sheet
  • Sure you like to *buy* presents for your mother-in-law
  • We swear the cow tipped over!`
  • Nope! We are not out of business
  • Yes, we survived the pandemic, Karen!

Scarcity-Driven Email Subject Lines

One of the most popular and effective email marketing methods is to use scarcity, urgency, or both. It is Marketing 101!

Scarcity is a basic instinct that makes us want something more when we know it’s in limited supply. Urgency can make our interests all the more piqued if we feel as though time is running out on an offer or opportunity. Both these tactics work well with e-commerce businesses because they rely on customers making quick purchasing decisions before being influenced by something else (like a competitor).

Next time, incorporate the urgency, social proof, and scarcity principle in your email subject lines with a hint of creativity. You can thank us later. Check out these ‘last chance’ email subject lines to get your marketers brainstorming.

Scarcity-Driven Email Subject Lines

  • Time is running out! Claim 30% FLAT off
  • Your offer is leaving on the last flight 🙁
  • The last 3 Watches left in Stock
  • Cassie, your wishlist will be out of stock soon
  • Hurry! Hurry! 40% off rarely comes up
  • Last chance to be a proud husband
  • Cakes at half price – once in a lifetime
  • Yes! You still have a day to save 50%
  • The clock is ticking – 40% off will go away soon
  • Christmas Sales to end in 6 hours! Hurry!

I hope these email marketing tips will add value to your campaigns. To boost your growth even further, you can use Wigzo’s full-suite marketing automation. 

Here – take Wigzo for a FREE spin!

Happy selling 🙂

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