An Amazing Year in Product – Key Highlights from 2022

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2022 was a year of continuous innovation and evaluation to strengthen our product and help the e-commerce industry grow steadily.

We created new features, fostered a strong data culture, emerged as the conversion optimizer, and became the ultimate customer retention tool for D2C brands. Wigzo is on a mission to build sustainable, scalable & successful D2C brands.

As we wind up, let’s reflect on the features launched in 2022 that made a huge difference!

1. WhatsApp Chatbot

A fantastic customer experience means engaging with your customers on the channels and platforms on which they are active. With 2.2 billion active users across 180 countries, WhatsApp is a channel you can’t miss out on.


Whatsapp chatbot 1


To streamline the customer engagement process and help our brands make the most of WhatsApp, we introduced the “WhatsApp Chatbot” feature. From initiating conversations with customers to instantly resolving their queries, the AI-powered WhatsApp Chatbot can personalize conversations and provide 24X7 customer support.


Whatsapp chatbot 2

But that’s not where we stop. Brands can schedule notifications based on time, date and customer preferences, trigger webhooks based on customers’ actions and allow multiple agents to talk with a single number. Wigzo’s WhatsApp Chatbot is a golden opportunity for brands to elevate customer-brand relationships.

2. Capture More Leads with Spin the Wheel

Brands go to great lengths to engage prospects and bring them to your website. They arrive, look around, and interact with your content, which suggests they will convert. Then they mysteriously disappear! The Exit Intent Pop-Up comes in handy here.


Spin the wheel - wigzo


We launched Exit Intent Pop-Up as a spinning wheel to assist brands in converting browsers into buyers. It’s catchy and keeps customers from wandering away. Spin the Wheel Exit Intent is a critical data collection tool too, letting the brands capture data from anonymous site visitors and grow their subscriber list exponentially. Brands use this one-of-a-kind wheel of fortune to make slow sales days exciting.

3. Invoice URL Email

All relationships are built on the foundation of trust. And so do brand-customer relationships. Invoices are one of many methods for increasing customer trust. In addition to establishing trust, sending invoices contributes to the overall customer experience and increases customer satisfaction. Furthermore, such transactional emails allow brands to upsell and increase the likelihood of repeat orders.

We launched yet another feature, “Invoice URL Email,” to assist brands in increasing their credibility and trust. Using this feature, brands can send an email to their customers containing a smart invoice URL after they have made a purchase. This feature not only allows brands to send regular updates about what their customers have purchased and how much they still owe, but it also allows them to upsell, recommend products, display ads, banners, collect customer feedback and much more. The content served on this page is customizable, allowing brands to optimize it accordingly and garner more repeat orders.


invoice url 1 - wigzo

invoic url 2 - wigzo


4. Analytics & Insights

E-commerce competition is fiercer, and customers are savvier. Understanding customers, evaluating your performance and pivoting at the right time are some essential factors determining e-commerce growth. The only way to understand customer behaviour is to collect and analyse data.


analytics insights


The “Analytics & Insights” feature launched by Wigzo empowers brands to leverage advanced analytics, uncover real-time insights, and more for uninterrupted growth. It allows them to gather all customer data from discovery, acquisition, conversion, and finally, retention and advocacy and use it to understand the trends and the shift in customers’ behaviour. Getting a dynamic view of each customer and campaign empowers brands to act instantly on customer behaviours and campaign performance with the highly responsive & intuitive user interface.

The feature allows our brands to evaluate how the communications sent out to the customers, from pre-purchase to post-purchase, have affected their overall retention value. Brands can also get a report on their overall revenue, order metrics, broadcast analytics, automation analytics, and comprehensive subscriber analytics. It also lets them monitor the performance of each communication channel and the revenue generated from them. Moreover, if any client has started an offer or discount coupons, the analytics feature can show the usage of the coupons too.

5. Know your Clickers, Openers and Unsubscribers

Brands run millions of email campaigns to reach their customers. And this may become hectic for them. But what’s more troublesome is measuring the effectiveness of each campaign and segregating the data. To simplify the process, we launched a few features that allow our brands to get a segregated list of openers, clickers and unsubscribers for each email campaign.

Export a list of clickers and openers

When sending out emails in bulk, knowing how many people opened the email is critical. The open rate and click-through rate are two metrics that can help you determine the effectiveness of your email campaigns.


Export Clickers and Openers

Wigzo launched the “Export list of Clickers and Openers” feature to help the brands analyse the performance of their email campaigns. It enables them to download the list of email subscribers who opened the email and clicked. Getting their hands on this segregated data helped the brands execute hyper-target marketing.

Export list of unsubscribers

Email unsubscribes are more critical than you think. Brands put a lot of effort into crafting the perfect email that lands in their customers’ inboxes and gets clicked. The last thing they want is for someone to unsubscribe. It’s critical to analyse unsubscribes from every email campaign.


Export Unsubscribers


Keeping this in mind, we launched the “Export list of Unsubscribers” feature. It allows the brands to download the list of unsubscribed email addresses for each email campaign, making it easier for them to keep their mailing list clear, maintain high click-through rates and uphold a good sender reputation.

Create CSV of openers



The “Create CSV of openers” feature allows brands to create a CSV file of openers for each campaign. With this feature, it will be easier for brands to run email campaigns for particular openers’ CSV data, target the right customers and increase conversions.

6. WhatsApp suppression

A suppression list includes those contacts you do not want to send messages to. If you keep sending messages to these contacts, it could hurt your sending reputation and delivery rates. With the “WhatsApp Suppression” feature, the system can suppress the list of unsubscribers and avert brands from sending them messages. Users are automatically added to the suppression list once they send “STOP”.

7. WhatsApp Template Form

WhatsApp requires all message templates to be approved before brands can send them to customers. Message templates that don’t meet the criteria or follow the usage guidelines are rejected and can’t be used. The “WhatsApp template form” feature of Wigzo allows brands to submit the details of the message template they want to get approved. The approval process is fully automated, which aids in streamlining the process and obtaining timely approvals.


Whatsapp Template Form


8. Product Showcase Using GIFs

A positive customer experience determines whether a shopper purchases from you or one of your competitors. And the power to influence a shopper’s buying decision rests with none else but the brand itself. Showcasing your products before the shoppers in an attractive way can turn browsers into buyers. This is the power of presentation.

Product Update Email copy


To help brands uplift their users’ shopping experience, we launched a crucial feature that generates GIFs automatically from the product feed and displays their products in appealing ways. Brands can send the GIFs to customers via Onsite, WhatsApp, and Email, allowing them to delight their customers and improve customer experience.

9. Timer Pop-ups for Scarcity Marketing

Creating a sense of urgency in customers helps brands get quick responses and boost sales. Countdown timers are a great way to hit customers’ impulsive buying nerves and create FOMO.


timer pop up


In light of this, we launched Timer pop-up templates. This allowed the brands to persuade the shoppers to shop and get quick responses on limited-time deals. Timer pop-up is a sure-shot way to convey the ‘it’s now or never’ message to customers and garner more sales.

10. Custom Date Filter

Brands execute different types of campaigns throughout the year. It might become difficult for them to check a particular campaign they made live months ago. This is where the custom date range selector comes in handy. The user can quickly select from a date range, like last 7 days, past 6 months, this month, etc. The “Custom Date Filter” feature allows the brands to select a date range and view all the active campaigns during that period.


custom date filter


2022 has been a fantastic year in product development. We are looking towards 2023 to strengthen Wigzo and help e-commerce brands achieve incredible feats.

Anshika Singh

Anshika Singh

An economist by degree and content writer by choice, she is currently working as a content marketing writer at Wigzo Technologies. In her spare time, she loves to binge-watch and spend time with her dogs. Linkedin

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