6 Types Of Push Notifications Your Customers Really Want From You


If there is one thing that is now non-negotiable in the world of marketing that is “web push notifications”. From online cosmetic stores to news portals to travel sites – businesses across industries and of different sizes are taking the plunge in the “push” arena.

And why shouldn’t they if web push notifications deliver real-time updates to 42% of internet users active on desktop? Moreover, now that mobile websites reach more people than apps do, push messaging has become all the more critical to keep the potential consumers engaged and to boost sales.

Some time ago we discussed how critical it is to choose the right words and tone in your push notifications. After all, if you can’t strike the right chord with your target market, what’s the point of investing resources in marketing?! While your copywriting skills should be on point, you must also consider the kinds of push notifications your potential consumers actually want to receive.


6 Awesome Example of Push Notifications

1. Notifications that keep people posted or get them excited

Posted about what, you ask? Package delivery schedule, ongoing sales, dip in flight tickets, fresh coupon codes with an expiry date, etc. – the push notification could be about anything. In an age where we literally worship the concept of “instant gratification”, keeping the target market posted about the little things associated with your business is not a bad move at all!


eCommerce firms, for instance, can boost their sales considerably if they keep their potential customers always informed about the latest happenings at the eStore!


Customers of today are not only spoiled for choice but also they happen to have short attention spans. Bank on that with consistent push notifications. You are only going to get effective results!


2. Notifications that alert people about what matters to them

If they have subscribed to your push messages, it means they are really interested in your product or services. Don’t let them down! Send them relevant messages in real-time. Educate them with the news that matters to them. If you are able to do that efficiently, the purpose is served.



While news websites such as The Washington Post and Inc42 are pretty active with push messaging, online travel portals can also send personalized information to their customers – on the basis of their browsing history, current purchases, etc.

For instance, if a customer has booked flight tickets to Mumbai from your online travel site, you can engage with him further by sending a link to a blog on the best eateries in Mumbai.


3. Notifications that engage people as per their location

According to Localytics, 34% of mobile users respond to messages comprising a special offer based on their location. Take this push notification from Mr. Button – non-intrusive yet casual. It simply nudges the subscriber to hit the store given that he is just 2kms away from the location.


Same applies to beauty brands. Sephora does it best when it locates a potential buyer or a customer somewhere near its store. You can also engage with such a consumer by sending a localized offer (such as an e-gift voucher that can be redeemed only at a physical outlet).

gift-coupon web push notifications wigzo

4. Notifications that encourage or motivate people

Now that you are communicating with your potential customers on a very personal level, you have to be careful about the tone or words you use. 12 Min Athlete, for instance, lets its users schedule their own workout reminders and when it is time for a workout, it sends an encouraging message like this:browser-push-notifications-wigzo-push-messages-customers

When it comes to industries such as health and fitness, beauty brands, education, etc. – you have to make sure your messages don’t discourage or shame the subscriber. Be a little sensitive with not only your timing but also your messaging.

5. Notifications that help people pick up where they left off

Cart abandonment is a real nuisance for any eCommerce business but with the right messaging this can be tackled effectively. You can send the almost-customers a message about how quickly their most-favorite products are going out of stock. To make things more interesting, you can even offer them a short-term discount or an awesome upsell package deal!


6. Notifications that make life easier for people

Speaking from a business point of view, customers like that “special treatment”. They just want to be spoiled and treated like royalty. Your business can do that by sending them reminder messages. For instance, if you are a travel website, you can make announcements such as flight alerts, seat upgrades, change in boarding gates, etc.


The customer is on a break. The least you can do is let him relax while all you have to do is inform him!

A look at what they don’t want

By now you have an idea on what kind of notifications people really enjoy or care to entertain. Now let’s take a look at the kinds of notifications they do not like to receive.

Broad Messages

Relevancy and personalization are key when creating marketing material of any sort. And broad messages do not meet either of the two requirements. Although creating simple web push campaign and sending it to all the subscribers might appear real tempting but avoiding it is the best idea.

Pushy Sales Messages

As discussed above, users entertain alerts on some awesome sale that’s about to begin. But they are sure to get irritated (if they haven’t ignored it already)if you simply ask them to visit your site and buy something. You should always have a distinct purpose behind each of your web push campaigns without which you are likely to fall unsuccessful in your attempts.

Poorly Timed Messages

You must’ve been sometime interrupted with a message in the middle of the night. And you must also have felt really annoyed by that. Don’t be that pushy with your push notifications. No matter what industry you are a part of sending a message at the wrong time can have a seriously negative impact on your brand. Segment your subscribers according to their time-zones.

Wrapping up

If you haven’t jumped on the “push” bandwagon, now is the perfect time to do so! Wigzo can help you to create and send personalized and trigger-based push notifications – all to boost customer retention by 26%. We are not kidding! Book your free demo RIGHT NOW.

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Ashfaq Ahmad

Ashfaq Ahmad

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