14 Credible Ways To Use Wigzo Web Push Notifications


We can’t help but emphasize the importance of using web push notifications to improve customer engagement and retention rate of your business. In the last 4 years, there’s been a spike in the interest to apply the push strategy from firms of different sizes and from different industries.

While push messaging was originally associated with the mobile medium, the strategy gradually trickled down to the browser. Today, push notifications deliver 50% higher open rates than emails. And that’s pretty cool because businesses shouldn’t have to wait for the prospective buyers to open and read their emails.


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The businesses should be able to engage with the target market even if the latter is not present on the website. That’s the beauty of push notifications!

Wigzo’s “push” helps clientele achieve higher engagement rate

While emails and social media are still important tactics to stay in the purview of the customers, they are no longer the most effective ones. Even though the push technology seems a bit distracting, it has been able to catch the attention of consumers and convert them into loyal buyers.


1) Inc42 makes use of web push notifications to be able to interact with their website visitors regularly. Wigzo was able to give a boost to Inc42’s average daily visitors and achieve an average CTR of 18%!


2) With the help of Wigzo’s smart segmentation technology, eCommerce store Mr. Button is able to track user interaction and tailor the push messaging accordingly.


If you are still unsure about how Wigzo can help your business amp up its customer engagement level, learn of these new ways in which you can:

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1. Recover abandoned shopping carts

If you are an eCommerce firm, then this is perhaps the biggest issue you will ever face! It is really hurtful when the almost-customer suddenly decides to leave a loaded cart behind and move on. With a push message, you can create a sense of urgency to bring him or her back on the website and to complete the purchase process.


2. Send time-sensitive price alerts

Not all of us shop on a whim. We wait for the right deal or a flash sale to shop like a boss! So if the price of a product – that a consumer previously showed interest in – dropped, make sure (s)he hears it from you first through push. After all, who wants to miss out on a deal? This is all but a tactic to nudge them to make an interaction on the website.


3. Notify subscribers about an ongoing sale

You may run different discounts for different products. Whether it an end of season sale or a limited period discount – make sure you catch the attention of your consumers before their focus shifts on some other online store. A real-time notification, and they will get instantly hooked!


4. Offer location-based tips and discounts

This is a form of hyper-personalization, and will surely bag you a quick conversion. If your website also has a physical store and the prospective buyer happens to be in vicinity, shoot a quick message to nudge an action from him or her.


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5. Re-engage inactive customers

The market is literally spoilt for choice. And consumers today like to hop from one online store to another. So it isn’t surprising to search for a hack that can help you re-engage with such dormant buyers. Pique their interest by sending a notification around a referral program you have started or any other offer that may add value to them.


6. Validate your customers

Just because the consumers have created an account or shared contact details on your website doesn’t mean you take them for granted. Validate their actions by sending a small “thank you” push notification or best – offer them sort of a discount. They would dig that!


7. Leverage social proof

Consumers can be a little hesitant to take the plunge and buy something online. But you can resolve that with the push technology. Show them how many other consumers have bought the same product or how happy they are with your services. A little social proofing goes a long way!


8. Cross-sell and upsell

If your consumers have already chosen a product, don’t let that stop you from increasing the average order value. Give recommendations. Entice with them an add-on (cross-sell) or show them an upgraded version of the product chosen (upsell).


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9. Keep the customers informed of their purchases

Once they have ordered a product, make sure you keep them informed about its shipping details through real-time push notifications. That would take some burden off their shoulders!


10. Retarget product or service drop-offs

This kind of messaging is apt for those consumers who put the products in the cart but leave the checkout process mid-way. As they still haven’t left the website, it gives you an excellent opportunity to send a reminder about the cart.

11. Send “back-in-stock alerts”

Your consumer excitedly came to your website to buy a specific product but found it to be out of stock. Don’t let that be the end of it. Once the product is restocked, send a push message updating him or her about the same.

12. Recommend products

So you noticed a consumer checking out a range of sci-fi novels on your eCommerce store. You can pop-up and recommend sci-fi non-fiction that would interest him. Consumers are lazy by nature. If you do a majority of the homework for them, they would love you!

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13. Ask for customer feedback on product delivery

Getting feedback is an old-age marketing tactic but it works well because it makes the customers feel important. So once the order has been delivered, send a push message asking for a “token of affection”.

push notification 1 delivery-push-notifications

14. Inform about reward loyalty programs

This is a slightly targeted tactic. Make a list of long-standing customers and send them a notification – thanking them for being loyal and offering a credit of $10 or so to show your gratitude! They would hop to your website in a flash!


Over to you

Frederic Voyer, CEO, Swaaap.com aptly puts it right: “Push notifications have been a main factor to ensure that the users in our community are engaged and actively interacting with each other to meet each other’s business needs.”

So what are you waiting for? Get up and get going!


Atyab Mohammad

Atyab Mohammad

Atyab is the Chief Product Officer at Wigzo. A Professional from IIT Delhi, India. He has worked for creating products for companies like Canon. You might find him singing loudly during late hours in his office, which he calls an "Idea Generation Catalyst".

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