13 WhatsApp Business Features you must know in 2023

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Did you know that over 175 million people message a WhatsApp Business account every day? That’s how popular this messaging app has become for businesses worldwide. With the introduction of new WhatsApp business features in 2023, the app is set to become even more indispensable for companies looking to improve customer engagement and communication.

One brand that has successfully leveraged the power of WhatsApp Business is Nike. The sportswear giant uses WhatsApp to provide customers with personalised product recommendations and direct them to their nearest store. By using automated messages and catalogues, Nike has been able to increase customer satisfaction and drive sales.

If you’re looking to power up your customer engagement in 2023, there are some key WhatsApp business features you simply can’t afford to miss. If you’re looking to power up your customer engagement in 2023, there are some key WhatsApp business features you simply can’t afford to miss. If you are wondering how to change WhatsApp to a business account, how to create a community in Whatsapp or How to send 1000 messages at once in WhatsApp then this blog will help you in understanding how to use WhatsApp for business with all the latest features. These features will take your communication game to the next level, from setting up your business profile to using labels and analytics. With the help of professionals who specialise in leveraging WhatsApp Business, you can maximise its benefits and ensure that you’re using it in the best way possible for your business.

Two examples of Indian brands using WhatsApp Business to enhance customer engagement are MakeMyTrip and Eatsure. MakeMyTrip, a prominent online travel booking platform, has integrated WhatsApp Business into its customer service strategy to offer real-time updates, itinerary changes, and travel-related assistance to their customers. This has helped MakeMyTrip streamline its customer service process and improve response times, leading to higher customer satisfaction. Eatsure, a popular food delivery app, uses WhatsApp Business to provide personalised food and restaurant recommendations to their users, as well as order confirmations, delivery updates, and promotional offers. By leveraging WhatsApp Business, Eatsure has deepened its customer engagement and strengthened its customer relationships.

So, don’t get left behind in 2023. Make sure you stay ahead of the business game by learning about the latest WhatsApp Business features and how to use them effectively. With the power of WhatsApp’s new features at your fingertips, you can revolutionise your business communication and take your customer engagement to the next level. Let’s dive in and explore what WhatsApp Business has in store for you!


Switching to WhatsApp Business: Benefits and How-To

WhatsApp Business is a communication platform designed for businesses of all sizes to connect easily with customers. With over 50 million business users worldwide, WhatsApp Business has become the go-to messaging app for businesses to provide a personalised customer experience.

The popularity of WhatsApp Business can be attributed to its features, such as quick replies, automated messages, labels, and chatbots, making it easier for businesses to handle multiple customer queries at once. The app’s end-to-end encryption also provides secure communication between businesses and their customers, building trust and credibility.

Now you must be thinking how to change WhatsApp to a business account. So, to change your existing WhatsApp account to a business account, you need to download the WhatsApp Business app from the app store and register your business phone number. Once you’ve verified your number, you can customise your business profile, including your business description, logo, and hours of operation.

With the new WhatsApp update features, you can access more tools to manage your business account, such as WhatsApp catalogue integration to showcase your products or services and the ability to create and send automated messages to customers. You can also use labels to categorise and prioritise conversations, making responding to customer queries promptly easier.

Using a WhatsApp Business account comes with numerous benefits, such as building customer loyalty, increasing engagement, and expanding your customer base. With WhatsApp Business, you can provide quick, personalised, and efficient customer service, improving your business’s reputation and driving growth.

Thus, switching to a WhatsApp Business account is a smart move for businesses looking to enhance their customer experience and enjoy all the WhatsApp business account benefits. Follow the simple steps on how to change WhatsApp to a business account and explore the new features and benefits.

WhatsApp Business Profile Features

Your WhatsApp Business profile is your customers’ first point of contact, and it’s important to make a great first impression. Setting up and optimising your WhatsApp Business profile can make all the difference in attracting & retaining customers.

With the help of professionals, you can ensure that your business profile is set up in the best way possible to showcase your brand, products, and services. A well-crafted profile can help you stand out from the competition and build customer trust.

The WhatsApp Business profile features include your profile picture, business description, business category, contact information, location, and more. Each WhatsApp new feature plays an important role in communicating your business identity and making it easy for customers to contact you.

For example, your profile picture should be a high-quality image that represents your brand and is easily recognisable. Your business description should be clear and concise, highlighting your unique selling points. Your business category should accurately reflect your industry and help customers find you through WhatsApp’s search function.

With the help of professionals, you can optimise your WhatsApp Business profile to ensure that it includes all the relevant information and is tailored to your target audience. This will make it easier for customers to find and engage with your business on WhatsApp, leading to increased sales and customer loyalty.

Thus, taking the time to set up and optimise your WhatsApp Business profile with the help of professionals is a crucial step in leveraging this powerful communication tool for your business.

Now let’s take a look at the new WhatsApp updated features.

Automated Messaging Features

As the number of customers contacting businesses via WhatsApp continues to grow, it becomes increasingly important for businesses to efficiently manage their customer inquiries. That’s where WhatsApp Business comes in – it provides several automated messaging features that can help businesses save time and streamline their communication with customers.

Quick Replies

One of the key features of WhatsApp Business is Quick Replies. Quick Replies enables businesses to save and reuse frequently sent messages to improve response time and handling customer inquiries efficiently. Businesses can create predefined messages that can be sent with just a few clicks, thereby reducing the workload of customer service teams and improving overall customer satisfaction.

For example, a business may receive several inquiries about its product prices, shipping information, or working hours. With Quick Replies, the business can save and reuse the messages that provide this information, enabling them to respond to customer inquiries more quickly and efficiently.

Automated Greeting Messages

Another important feature of WhatsApp Business is Automated Greeting Messages. This feature enables businesses to automatically send welcome messages to customers who contact them for the first time. These messages can be customised to include a personalised greeting, such as the customer’s name or the name of the business, which can help create a positive first impression and establish a professional image.

Automated WhatsApp Greeting Messages can be useful for several reasons. Firstly, it can be challenging for businesses to respond to every customer inquiry in a timely manner, especially during peak business hours. By automatically sending a greeting message, businesses can acknowledge their customers and let them know that their inquiry has been received. This can help increase customer satisfaction and reduce the frustration caused by delayed responses.

Away Messages

WhatsApp Business also offers Away Messages, which lets businesses inform customers when they are unavailable. This is particularly useful for businesses with limited staff or those that operate during specific hours. By setting up an Away Message, businesses can ensure that customers are aware of their availability and reduce the frustration caused by delayed responses.

The Away Messages feature can also be customised to include an estimated time of return or an alternative contact method. For instance, if a business is closed during weekends, they can set up an Away Message informing their customers of their working hours and suggesting customers to leave a message for a call back on Monday.

These automated messaging features of WhatsApp Business, such as Quick Replies, Automated Greeting Messages, and Away Messages, can greatly benefit businesses in managing their customer inquiries more effectively. Additionally, staying updated on new WhatsApp update features and understanding the WhatsApp business account benefits can help businesses maximise their use of the platform, such as using WhatsApp Business Catalogue to showcase their products and services, creating communities for their customers, and even sending up to 1000 messages at once in WhatsApp.

Customer Service Features

As businesses continue to compete in a fast-paced world, customer service has become a vital aspect of any business strategy. WhatsApp Business offers a variety of features that help businesses provide top-notch customer service, which can help boost customer satisfaction and loyalty. Here are three essential customer service features:

Message Tags

Message Tags help businesses categorise and prioritise customer messages based on different customer journey stages. This feature enables faster response times and better customer service, leading to increased customer satisfaction. Message Tags can also be used to send important updates to customers, such as shipping information or order status.

WhatsApp Business API

The WhatsApp Business API allows businesses to integrate WhatsApp Business into their CRM systems, providing them with the ability to manage customer interactions more effectively and efficiently. By automating responses to FAQs and setting up chatbots to handle customer inquiries, businesses can provide 24/7 support to customers, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.


E-commerce Features

WhatsApp Business is not just a messaging app; it is also an effective e-commerce tool for businesses. Here are three key e-commerce features that can help businesses drive sales and improve customer experience:

WhatsApp Business Catalogue

WhatsApp Business provides two robust features to help businesses optimise their sales strategy and improve their customer service. The WhatsApp business catalogue feature empowers businesses to showcase their products and services in an attractive visual format, complete with product images, descriptions, and pricing. This feature simplifies the purchasing process for customers, while businesses can effortlessly promote and drive sales by sharing the catalogue link. With the addition of this feature, businesses can upload product images and descriptions, creating a visually engaging display that is particularly valuable for companies that rely on visual content to promote their offerings. By incorporating these new WhatsApp update features into their WhatsApp Business account, businesses can also automate responses, expedite response times, and provide a seamless customer experience.

Payment Integration

WhatsApp Business also offers Payment Integration, which allows businesses to receive payments directly within the WhatsApp chat. This feature simplifies the payment process for customers, making it more convenient and seamless. With Payment Integration, businesses can accept payments for their products and services without customers leaving the chat.

Cart Sharing

Cart Sharing is another valuable e-commerce feature offered by WhatsApp Business. This feature allows businesses to share a cart link with customers, enabling them to easily add products to their cart and check out without leaving the chat. Cart Sharing is especially useful for businesses that want to simplify the purchasing process for their customers. By sharing a cart link, businesses can create a more streamlined and efficient shopping experience for their customers.

Incorporating these new e-commerce WhatsApp features can help businesses increase sales and improve customer satisfaction. By showcasing their products visually appealingly, accepting payments within the chat, and simplifying the purchasing process, businesses can create a more convenient and enjoyable shopping experience for their customers.

Marketing Features

WhatsApp is not just a platform for communication; it is also an effective marketing tool for businesses. Here are some of the marketing features available on WhatsApp Business:

WhatsApp Status

With this feature, businesses can share updates, promotions, and other important information with their customers in a creative and engaging way. Status updates can include text, photos, and videos, making it a versatile tool for businesses to communicate with their customers.

Broadcast Lists

If you are thinking about how to send 1000 messages at once in WhatsApp, then let me tell you WhatsApp business lets you send messages to up to 256 customers at once, without the need for individual messaging, saving time and effort. This feature also allows businesses to target specific groups of customers with personalised messages, and by using third-party tools, businesses can even send up to 1000 messages at once in WhatsApp, increasing the reach and effectiveness of their marketing efforts.

QR Codes

WhatsApp Business enables businesses to generate QR codes that customers can scan to start a chat with them. This makes it easier for customers to initiate contact and reduces barriers to communication. By adding QR codes to their marketing materials, businesses can reach a wider audience & increase customer engagement.
Including these marketing features in a WhatsApp Business account can help businesses improve their marketing efforts, reach more customers, and increase sales.


Security and Privacy Features

WhatsApp Business offers a range of security and privacy features to ensure that businesses can communicate with their customers securely and safely. One of the key features is End-to-End Encryption, which ensures that all messages exchanged between businesses and customers are secure and private. This feature is particularly important for protecting sensitive information such as personal details and financial data.

WhatsApp’s End-to-End Encryption feature means that only the sender & the recipient of a message can read the content. This helps to prevent unauthorised access & ensures that customer information is kept private and secure. Additionally, WhatsApp’s two-step verification process provides an extra layer of security by requiring a passcode when registering a new phone number with WhatsApp.

Overall, WhatsApp Business takes the security and privacy of customer data seriously, providing businesses with the tools they need to communicate with their customers safely and securely. With these new WhatsApp update features in place, businesses can build trust with their customers and create a positive reputation for their brand.


WhatsApp Business offers a plethora of features that can help businesses grow and connect with their customers in new and innovative ways. From automated messages to catalogue showcases and product recommendations, WhatsApp Business can be an effective tool to increase engagement and sales.

In this article, we have covered the must-know WhatsApp Business features for 2023, including the new WhatsApp update features, WhatsApp Business account benefits, WhatsApp greeting messages, how to send 1000 messages at once in WhatsApp, how to create communities on WhatsApp, and the WhatsApp Business catalogue. By utilising these features, businesses can streamline their communication with customers, increase customer satisfaction, and ultimately drive revenue.

We encourage businesses to start using these features to improve their presence on WhatsApp and take advantage of the platform’s massive user base. With its powerful features and commitment to security and privacy, WhatsApp Business is a valuable tool for any business looking for expanding its reach and build stronger relationships with its customers.

So don’t wait any longer. Start exploring these WhatsApp new features today and take your business growth to the next level on WhatsApp.



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